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If you’re planning on visiting the Galapagos islands, you must be craving something a little different from conventional trips? If so, then the Galapagos Islands are absolutely perfect for you! The Galapagos is a volcanic archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, just off Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands are renowned for their enigmatic, diverse range of wildlife; in fact, it is home to many plant and animal species found nowhere else on Earth. Famously, the Galapagos inspired Charles Darwin to study and write his theory of evolution in 1825. Outside of observing the Galapagos Islands’ amazing giant tortoises, finches, and sea iguanas, you can also take part in snorkelling, hiking, sea kayaking, scuba diving and so much more! If you’re visiting the Galapagos, you might also be interested in our discounted tours in Quinto, Baños, and Mindo, also in Ecuador!  

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Best Things To Do In Galapagos Islands

Main Things You Need To Know About Galapagos Islands


Even as an island located on the Equator, Galapagos is unique with a weather that is not tropical. The island experiences a temperature range of 21o to 30 oC and the colder Humboldt current is brought north to the island by the southern trade winds during the period of June to December. It is one of the few places you can visit at any time. It has two seasons, warmest (December - May) with clear sky and strong sun and if you are a lover of diving; you might want to consider visiting between June and November (when the temperatures are a bit cooler) as well as when you stand a better chance of observing the famous marine life of the island in totality.

Travelling Here

Traveling to Galapagos is mainly by air from mainland Ecuador. Tourists and visitors generally depart from the TAME, LAN-Ecuador and Avianca Airports from Quito or Guayaquil. The airfares in these flight companies are somewhat similar, ranging from $380-$500 for a round-trip ticket. In 30 minutes, your flight from Quito to Guayaquil is done and you should note that visitors are not allowed to buy a one-way ticket to the island. Regardless of what part of the world you are traveling from, getting to Galapagos requires a simple process of booking an international flight that takes you indirectly to Quito or Guayaquil as there are no direct flights to the island.


Lodging The best hotels in Ecuador as well as the most expensive ones are in Galapagos, than in the mainland. However, it used to be an experience of unimpressive and overpriced hotels in the island but lately, more hotels have surfaced leaving you with some pleasant options to make your vacation a worthwhile one. The continuous improvement in the island’s tourism services has brought about new wealth of options to choose from. In Galapagos, you should expect to pay twice as much as you would in Quito with the price ranging from $20 per person per night to hundreds of dollars. Meanwhile, some of the hotels in the island include: 1. Hostal Rincon de George 2. Brisas del Mar 3. Hotel Fiesta 4. Hotel Albermarle 5. Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge


Eating Even though there are just few things that grow naturally on the barren island, there is a regular delivery of the food needed by visitors and tourists daily, lest you dine solely on fish and lobster. Galapagos Island has exciting cuisines similar to other Central and South American coastal regions. The dishes are simple, fresh and light with some inclusion of meat, potatoes, grains and other ingredients like fish, seafood and yucca. You can go for fried dumplings of green plantain in the morning or just fresh fruit. As much as you want, you can enjoy a number of the exotic fruits that are brought in daily from Ecuador. The majority of the restaurants are within the island of Santa Cruz, San Cristobel and Isla Isabella while the remoteness of this island makes the meals even very affordable.


On the island, you are assured a good sleep as there are little or no problems or concerns of crime in Galapagos. In fact, it is that kind of place where people leave their doors unlocked and enjoy so much peace still. You can walk, cycle and do other things you want to safely around the town without the fear of getting robbed or falling victims of crime. However, like in every other place, there is no absolute guarantee of safety or security but on the islands, you do have to be careful with animals and beware of possible occurrence of natural disasters.

Getting Around

As a World Heritage area, Galapagos leaves you with limits to the number of cruise boats that are allowed to loiter the coast among other restrictions in the number of people who can cruise the island. There are two basic ways to get around Galapagos: by sea (with a number of speedboat companies offering inter-islands shuttling) and by air (through inter-island flight companies). As an international tourist, you are expected to pay $158 one way or $280 return by air and $25-30 one way by sea in about 2.5-3 hours from Puerto Ayora to Puerto Villamil. You can as well get around by water taxis, taxis and bikes.

Top Attractions

Lately, the island has become a popular tourist destination for biology enthusiasts and other individuals that want to take advantage of the beautiful beaches. With various islands contained, each has a striking difference ranging from active volcanoes to idyllic beaches and remote wildlife reserves. Some of the interesting top attractions are: 1. Puerto Ayora 2. Tortuga Bay 3. Sierra Negra 4. Rancho Primicias 5. La Loberos 6. El Chato Tortoise Reserve 7. Charles Darwin Research station

Being Local

Having decided to identify with the few lucky ones that are heading to the Galapagos, it’s about time to make the most of it by bridging the gap between yourself and the locals by meeting people of the island, maintaining your routine and visiting some places to know them well enough. Have a perfect tour with the scenes of wildlife and enjoy the company of the friendly people.

Travelling In Galapagos Islands

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