Cuenca is a historic tourist location and a UNESCO world heritage site with an impressive cluster of colonial buildings, spectacular parks, museums, exotic eateries, and dozens of other beautiful lures. This city is unmistakably one of Ecuador’s finest that welcomes thousands of tourists annually. Located in the heart of this Ecuadorian city is the magnificent New Cathedral of Cuenca that draws tourist its way every year.
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Best Things To Do In Cuenca

Main Things You Need To Know About Cuenca


With a pleasantly warm weather all year round, Cuenca is an excellent tourist site to visit at any time of the year. Cuenca has a tropical weather with two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. Of the two, the dry season which runs from June to December is the best time to visit the city. The rainy season begins in January and lasts till May. The rainy season comes with light showers and cold mornings. The heaviest rainfall comes within the months of March and May.

Travelling Here

Cuenca’s only airport is a domestic airport and does not receive international flights. Air travel into Cuenca can only be possible from neighbouring cities like Quito and Guayaquil with international airports since the city does not have an international airport. Tourists have the option of taking another flight to Cuenca’s domestic airport –Mariscal Lamar Airport. There are taxis and buses available that take passengers from the airport to other locations. Cuenca has good road networks that link it to nearby cities like Alausi, Quito, Loja, Riobamba, Vilcabamba, and many other places. Trains move into Cuenca from Madrid,


Cuenca offers high quality hospitality to its guests. Prices are friendly and accommodate all class of tourists. There are several fantastic lodging options in Cuenca for tourists. The following is just a list of exquisite hotels in Cuenca, and of course, this is only very very short list compared with the numerous options Cuenca has. 1. Hotel Victoria 2. El Dorado Hotel 3. Hotel Valgus 4. Hotel Boutique Carvallo 5. Hotel San Ezequiel 6. Casa de Las Rosas 7. Hotel Oro Verde 8. Hotel Yanuncay 9. Mansión Alcázar 10. Casa Macondo Bed & Breakfast


Cuenca is not just known as a spectacular city because of its impressive structures and museums, and parks, but also for its superb foods.. Like you would expect from a good tourist destination, there are so many eateries and restaurants littered over the city that offers you an excellent blend of options: 1. Fondue garden 2. Sofy Glocal Cuisine 3. Good Affinity 4. Restaurant Pizzería Mediterráneo 5. Tres Estrellas 6. Mesón Nelia 7. Figón del Huécar 8. Trivio 9. Tiesto's Cafe Restaurant 10. Raymipampa Restaurant


Cuenca is a safe tourist destination for all travellers and tourists alike; with safe streets and neighbourhood tourist only have very little to worry about. They just got to keep an eye on belonging and adhere to basic security tips.

Getting Around

Walking around the city of Cuenca is a good option to explore the dazzles of Cuenca at your own pace. When the streets get cramped up with crowds during the peak visit months walking becomes the excellent method of getting around the city. To move faster and easier tourists can rent a bike and cycle to their favourite destinations. There are taxis and buses too that shuttle all virtually all the streets of Cuenca. But taxis get locked up when there is heavy traffic making them inefficient during these times. Buses are cheap and convenient, plus they are faster than the conventional taxis.

Top Attractions

Blessed with both made-man and natural attractions, all of Cuenca’s fabulous attractions can’t just be outlined because there are a whole lot of them dotted all over the city, but here’s a short list of some of the most visited attractions. 1. Cajas National Park 2. Santuario Mariano 3. Maria Auxiliadora 4. San Blas Park 5. Parque El Paraíso 6. Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno 7. New Cathedral of Cuenca 8. Mirador de Turi 9. SPA Termal Novaqua de Hostería Durán 10. Centro Ecuestre Bellavista

Being Local

Cuencanos are recognised as a people with a rich cultural heritage, a heritage they cherish and strife to preserve always. The locals enjoy their native and unique foods like their famous Mote pillo, humitas, cuy asado, and many others excellent delicacies. Cuencanos are a peaceful and loving people. They love to have travellers come around and they treat tourists with love and respect.

Travelling In Cuenca

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