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Baños has everything a true lover of nature seeks. Lush grasslands, enchanting wildlife, hot springs, active volcanoes, springs, waterfalls, mountains, rugged landscapes, it has it all. Don't forget to tag along with a good camera for this adventure. It's an exciting destination for explorers and the wild at heart. Hike rugged landscapes, bike over craggy hills, raft all the way to the Amazon Basin, it's just a matter of how much your adrenaline can take. 

It’s not just the blessings of Mother Nature. The nights that never sleep, the locals with big hearts, the foods with great taste, luxury at finest- it just seems like everything about this town was predesigned to make a perfect tourist attraction. If you ever happen to visit Ecuador, don't skip Baños. 

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Best Things To Do In Banos

Main Things You Need To Know About Banos


Baños is located in a valley that preserves the main humid warm temperatures all year round. Bring a jacket in case it rains, and maybe a sweater if you want to enjoy the view at the top of the mountain at night. Otherwise, just don't forget your swimsuit as you'll need this to jump on the river or the pools and freshen up.

Travelling Here

There’s only one means of travelling here- by land. Several buses connect Baños to neighbouring cities of Quito, Riobamba, Guayaquil, Ambato, and Cuenca. Ambato is the closest city and is about an hour trip. Guayaquil is the furthest; it takes roughly 7 hours to get to Baños from here. And you don’t need to panic with the public bus system as the buses are neat, reliable, and comfortable. But if you really don’t want to use the public buses, then you can drive into Baños with your car.


As you would expect from a top tourist destination like Baños, they’ve got many hostels, hotels and suites to retire to after the adventure and fun of the day. You can find a luxurious styled hotel and exceptional room service at Luna Runtun or Samari or a decent room at a cheap price at Le Petit Auberge, one of our favorites, it will be up to you.


In Baños, everyone’s expectation of what a real kitchen should taste like is met. They have a brilliant collection of everything tasty from native dishes to western flavours down to wines and everything in between. We recommend the authentic market in the middle of the town for a cheap and good lunch with great natural juice and tasty potato tortillas. At night, you can always try the Swiss Bistro's fondue. Alternatively, Pappardelle's Italian restaurant is always a good choice for lunch or dinner.


Baños is a safe tourist destination. The city is pretty small and the local police officers do a great job to keep the city as safe as it can possibly be for tourists. Although the possibility of pretty crimes occurrence is not zero, they rarely happen and there’s only a very slim chance of such happening on a tourist visit to Baños. Tourists should, however, play smart, stay alert, and stick to their personal security tips. With this, there's only one more word of advice- "enjoy your stay to the fullest"

Getting Around

Baños is a really beautiful but small piece of Earth. It’s so easy to walk around the city. It takes less than 20 minutes to walk from one end of the city to the other end! This makes a stroll through the corridors of Baños a perfect way to see it. You can explore every inch of the city in less than two days… but slow down, there's no need for the rush. Hiring a bike is a fine way to get around too. Of course, it’s more exciting than trekking; so go ahead and get one to test your skills with the rugged terrain of Baños. To get to the big Waterfalls or the Swing on top of the hill, we recommend to take one of our tours as these attractions are farther away.

Top Attractions

Baños is fringed with charming natural sites, you can’t get enough of it. You have to visit the largest waterfall there, the Pailón del Diablo, take a traditional hot steam personal bath, and finalize your day at the Casa del Arbol to take a great picture!

Being Local

The street is a fine place to start for all who wish to blend in. Wander the corridors of Baños and exchange pleasantries with the shop owners. And if you happen to be a Catholic then you should visit the Cascada de La Virgen, it’s believed that Virgin Mary does appear at the waterfall occasional; which makes a pilgrimage spot. Baños is spotted on an active volcano, Tungurahua, but the locals who reside close to the volcano mouth are not scared and have not relocated, because they believe Baños to absolutely protected and safe. So, to be a true local, you’ve got to share the same faith!

Travelling In Banos

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