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Browse the extensive range of Ecuador tours available here at TourOpp. Visit one of Ecuador’s many amazing cities: Cuenca, Quito, Mindo, or Guayaquil. Ecuador boasts some of the most impressive architecture in South America. Visit Cuenca and take one of our Cuenca tours to see its beautiful cathedral, its parks and museums. If you’re more impressed with a country’s natural beauty, Ecuador’s vast rainforests in Mindo certainly won’t disappoint. And if you love spotting local wildlife on your travels, there is no better location than the Galapagos Islands — home to a huge range of unique wildlife and the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. While Ecuador is getting increasingly popular with tourists, it is still one of the lesser-known destinations. Take the road less travelled and get off the beaten track a little. Quito is the country’s capital and we have a nice selection of Quito tours to choose from. Start planning your big adventure in Ecuador!

Main Things You Need To Know

Stunning Vulcanology

Ecuador is recognised for its volcanoes. Starting with Chimborazo, which owns the record for the highest point in the world.

Geographical Location

It is located in the Equator: The imaginary line in the Earth that shows the center of the world

Flora & Fauna

Ecuadorr owns the Chuquiragua flower, known as the everlasting flower, because it lives around 300 years.

Petroleum Country

Its main export products are varied, but one of the main is petroleum, it has a lot of Refineries where petroleum is treatened.

Best Things To Do In Ecuador

Main Things You Need To Know About Ecuador

The US Dollar (USD) is the Ecuador’s official currency, and it’s accepted everywhere within the country. For convenience, be sure to change your money at home before making your visit if you’re coming from other countries apart from the US. 

The Ecuadorians largely speak Spanish as their first official language, but there are a few regions that speak a little of Northern Quechua and other minor languages. However, for English-speaking tourists, Ecuador has a good number of international hotels, restaurants, and bars where they are more likely to find other English-speaking folks. But don’t let this ruin your visit, get the help of a good tour guide within the country to guide and teach you a thing or two in Spanish.
Visa Information
Ecuador issues non-resident visas to visitors who do not intend to become permanent residents in the country under different categories depending on the purpose of your visit. Visiting Ecuador for tourism purpose requires you to get a Category 12-IX visa. Application charge is set at $50 and $400 for the visa.
Tourists will be required to present the following details:
1. An authentic "Certificado de Visación” that is signed and completed.
2. An authentic Visa Application that is completed and signed.
3. A valid passport not less than six months.
4. Two recent colored photographs, passport sized.
5. Police certificate showing that tourist has no criminal records.
6. Doctor’s certificate showing that tourist is in good health and will not be a threat to Ecuador’s society.
7. Bank statements showing tourist has sufficient funds to sponsor all expenses that may be incurred during his or her stay in the country. 
8. Evidence that the tourist has paid for his or her round-trip ticket.
Getting There
Through air, land, or sea, you could visit the green lands of Ecuador through a number of different routes depending on your starting location. 
The country has two main international airports – Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito (the busiest) and Aeropuerto Simon Bolivar in Guayaquil. Departure tax is usually included in the airfare.
Peru and Colombia are the only countries that share borders with Ecuador. By implication, you have to be in one of these countries to enter Ecuador by land. Provided you’ve got your papers right, entry into the country is quite straightforward. The foremost crossing point into Ecuador from Colombia is at Tulcan in the northern highlands and Machala from Peru.
Water transport into the country is not well patronized, but the main entry port for both passengers and freight into Ecuador is the Port of Salinas.
Air Transport is the major transportation mode in and out of Ecuador, while road transport on local buses is Ecuador’s most preferred form of public transport within the country and it’s quite reliable. 
Ecuador 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
Ecuador records its peak tourist visits within the second week of June to the first week of September, and experiences another jump in tourist visits within the second week of December and the first week of January. A T-3 stamp on your travel passport allows you to stay in Ecuador as a tourist for up to 90 days per year. But this can be extended if you wish to stay longer. Getting a 12-IX visa at any Ecuador embassy in your home country guarantees you 180 days in a year to tour and explore every inch of the amazing country of Ecuador.

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