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You've probably heard the old adage "Old is Gold". Well, if old is really to be gold, Santo Domingo would have been a beautiful haven of laid up gold. Being the most populous province with a rising population of over three million, the ancient beautiful Santo Domingo sits carefully in the heart of the Dominican Republic as her capital city. With great museums, intriguing artifacts, eye-catching medieval, renaissance arts and historic places, Santo Domingo remains one of the best places to visit as a tourist in the West Indies and because of its size, you can potentially see the best attractions in Santo Domingo in one day. This is right because although many areas in the Dominican Republic boasts of their sandy beaches, golf activities, snorkelling and all the fun the Caribbean offers, Santo Domingo amidst all this, stands out with a touch of history and elegance like a beautiful bride amidst her train. Santo Domingo is not just a capital, she's a bride; the only bride of the Dominicans, and you won't want to miss a chance of seeing her!
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Best Things To Do In Santo Domingo

Main Things You Need To Know About Santo Domingo


Luckily for tourists, Santo Domingo does not experience extreme temperatures, thanks to the southern trade winds which help balance the traditional heat with humidity, keeping the months of December to March a bit chill, but still refreshing and July through September extremely warm and November through April the driest. Thus, it is best to visit this part of the Caribbean between November and April. That's when the city enjoys the best beach weather and a chilly night stroll along the Malecon would just be perfect. However, Santo Domingo gets flooded with tourists all year long really as the weather is comfortable in any month.

Travelling Here

Coming to Santo Domingo is easy. There are a number of countries you can book your flights from into the country through the middle east, Europe, Asia, America, Oceania and a handful from Africa.


Lodging in Santo Domingo has not really been a tough one for tourists. With over 200 hotels around the city, one can be assured of cost-friendly accommodations and comfortable environment. Many of these hotels have add-ons such as spa, restaurants, swimming pools and other tourist-targeted features and activities. A few of them are: 1. JW Marriott Hotel 2. Catalonia Santo Domingo 3. Barceló Santo Domingo 4. Crowne Plaza Santo Domingo 5. Renaissance Santo Domingo


With expected large tourist activities, you can imagine that Santo Domingo offers a large variety of meals and it's true. From American fast food franchises like MacDonalds, Chinese restaurants that serve first-class fried chicken, noodles and pasta to Italian food outlets that treat your hunger and taste with excellent fresh ingredients. A good number of such restaurants splattered all around the cities include: 1. Adrian Tropical 2. L'Osteria Italian Restaurant 3. Buen Provecho Dominican Restaurant 4. La Lasagna Italian Restaurant 5. Pat'e Palo European Brasserie


As in most capitals in Latin America, it is advisable not to flash expensive brands in major roads of Santo Domingo, as they may attract unwanted attention. It is important not to obviously dress like a tourist such as wearing short pants in public and while you walk on a busy walkway hold firm to your bag and walk with confidence. It is also safe to make sure one doesn't get into stray cabs at night or cabs that aren't sent by a dispatcher, they can be very dangerous especially for tourists. Now, that being said, there are still many streets where you can walk safely in Santo Domingo, like the Malecon or the "Casco Colonial" (the Historical Area).

Getting Around

Once in the city, moving around on foot for a first timer can prove frustrating, as some streets are not named or numbered but not to worry, the locals are always friendly and eager to show people around; however, it is advisable to get a handy city map. Probably, a multilingual certified city tour guide can be hired instead. Taxis can be hired from private companies as commercial taxis are seldom seen on the road. Rental cars are also popular and surely a provider of convenience, although a bit expensive. The ‘Carros Público' or Collective taxis are mostly salon cars that take up to five passengers to predestined routes but hard for tourists to understand (especially if you don't speak Spanish).

Top Attractions

Many things can and surely will attract anyone to the Caribbean and West Indies but yet Santo Domingo has her distinction. The city's art, history, heritage and museums all sums up the reason the capital of the Dominican Republic stands out. Added to the other side attractions of the Caribbean, Santo Domingo becomes an irresistible pleasure. In the Colonial District, the Museum of Alcázar, also called "Diego Colon Palace" is a contained place laid up with momentary history and artifacts. This city also houses the "Basilica Cathedral of Santa María La Menor", which stands out as one of the oldest cathedrals in America. Won't you love to see the beautiful Santo Domingo from the skies? Santo Domingo also boasts of several large beautiful parks. A few of them include: 1. Parque Independencia 2. El Malecón 3. Parque Iberoamérica 4. Jardín Botánico Nacional

Being Local

No matter how short your holiday is or how short you planned to stay, the best way to experience Santo Domingo at its best is to live it like a local! It is said by some that Dominicans make the best rice, to really feel like a Dominican, you can sit on their beaches with a plate of rice, add Habichuelas (beans) on top of it, or try a Moro de Guandules (rice with pigeon peas cooked together) decorated with a traditional ocean fish. With that, you are already Dominican with your meal! When you're leaving, head to Santo Domingo's largest local market, Mercado Modelo, and browse through a flux of local products that will be difficult to get in your country of origin and carry them along, so you can always have that ‘Santo Domingo' aura around you.