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Reach out your heart and breathe in the feel of finest nature budded in the Hispaniola Mountain of Great Achilles, Archipelago. Behold, Dominican Republic! The oldest and second largest city in the Caribbean nation, and yet the finest and most visited- thanks to its gold plaited economy and awesome sights. And if you happen to be a lover of pleasure and adventure, this Island is meant for you. From the local Comedor to rides on motoconchos, surfing, snorkelling, hiking, and biking, thousands of tourists descend this palm-fringed Island to chill out in their adorable coastal villages and sun-baked beaches.

Best Cities To Visit In Dominican Republic

Main Things You Need To Know


While you're in the Dominican Republic, try "Tostones", "Pollo Frito", "Habichuelas", "Sancocho" or "Bizcocho", if you want something sweet.

Places to Visit

This country relies on tourism for a reason. There are many places to visit, but we recommend Samana, Bayahibe, Punta Cana, or Cabarete and obviously Santo Domingo.


African, Taino, & European traditions influence the Dominican culture. Dominicans are passionate for baseball and festivals flood the streets with dance, music and food festivals.


If you are greeting a local don't say "hola" for "hi" in the Dominican Republic; say "saludos" to sound more like a local

Best Things To Do In Dominican Republic

Main Things You Need To Know About Dominican Republic

The DR basically transacts with the Peso exclusively recognized with the RD$ symbol. There is a range of denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 2000 and it can be divided into 100 centavos (cents). 1 USD is equivalent to 50.33 DOP
Dominican Republic SPANISH
DR has been widely recognized and applauded for its preservation of the Old Spice of Spanish largely influenced by the West Africans. Their fast gesticulation and expressive style add even more class to this language. There are other variations of the language like the Haitian Creole (peculiarly spoken by those of Haitian descendants), Southwestern Creole English, and Samana English. Moreover, English is largely spoken in the tourist areas, but no matter where you come from, the Dominicans enjoy it more if you try to have a conversation in their dialect.
Dominican Republic
Visa Information
Isn't it just amazing and thrilling when you get a full customer's treat and value-added service? The Dominican Republic values all its tourists and so if you are a resident of the United Kingdom and you are in possession of a valid visa to cruise United States, Canada or any European Union Country, DR offers you FREE entrance through its friendly borders- you do not need a Tourist Visa to visit. On arrival at the airport, you'll be required to pay USD10 and will be granted a 30-day stay that can be extended to 60days only by paying for an extension.

You need to provide the following before you can apply for a tourist visa:
1.A duly filled out and completed visa form
1.A recent passport photograph valid for a minimum of (6) months
2.A photograph
3.Documents stating your bank certificates, Labor Certificate, Company or work Information, residence details, vehicle registration(If any)
4.Copy of Identification Information
5.Copy of designated proposed hotel reservation
6.Copy of reserved flight corresponding with the trip date.
7.Payment draft of visa fee of £100.00.
Dominican Republic PLANE, BOAT
Getting There
Whether you fly, sail or cruise, all forms the best entry points into DR. They've got safe and reliable International and domestic travel systems all for your travel comfort and desire. However, tourists cruise in through one of its efficient eight International airports that orchestrate flights everywhere all over the world. There are also Aerodromes that handle domestic flights, and if you crave for more fun, the helicopter flight is yet another adventure.

Wait, there's more, a ship trip through the Caribbean Sea is yet another way of communing with nature, and this will take you straight to any of its beautiful harbours, Santo Domingo's or La Romana's. Readily, the intercity buses (or "guagua") will take you to any Dominican destination while you enjoy every bite of comfort that this great Caribbean Country has to offer.

Dominican Republic 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
Whilst hoping for the best of your travel, marshal through the best time to visit this Island of Paradise. DR has two tourist seasons, the High Season, and the Low Season. The high season arrives from mid-December to mid-April when the rains and sweltering heat have gone, and tourist crowds sandwich the Island. At this time, you can experience, discover and be a part of the Dominican festivals and fiestas. The low season arrives from May and lingers till November ushering in an increased rain, icky temperatures and fierce Caribbean storms posing an undesirable time to explore the Caribbean. However, if you wish to save money, hotel rooms come with little money at this time.