Enchanting Split! One of the finest in all of Europe with a charming seafront that nearly runs through the entire border of the city is indeed a must to visit. Its unique position on the earth gives it a rare beauty makes this city a marvel to explore. Almost enveloped by the Adriatic Sea, Split is considered by many locals as the Mediterranean flower, a boast it is not shy to claim for many good reasons. Split’s mountainous landscapes, dreamy sea views, magnificent and timeless architectural structures, make it an unquestionable tourist destination.
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Best Things To Do In Split

Main Things You Need To Know About Split


Winter sets in in the months of November to April. The weather gets too cold for touristic visit and completely unpredictable. But you will find cheap flights, hotel rooms, and you will escape the nuisance of the ever-present crowd of July and August. Summer falls between July and August, and the weather is hottest in the month of July. Its coldest period falls sometime in the third week of January. The best months to visit this land of beauty are the months of May, June, September, and October. The clouds are clear and blue, and the stage is set for sunbathing on the white beaches, rafting, surfing, snorkelling, sea-kayaking, and many other great outdoor activities.

Travelling Here

With the second most important airport in the country, Split International Airport, serves the beautiful city of Split with foreign tourists coming in to explore the marvels and beautiful scenes in the country. Shuttle buses are available to pick travellers arriving at the airport to hotels or preferred locations. Although not a common means of entering into Split, trains enter Split from nearby cities carrying tourists, merchants, and goods. Split trains from Zagreb and Perkovi? into the Croatian city every day. They are cheap and have a considerable degree of reliability. There are a good number of buses and taxis that transport passengers from neighbouring cities such as Dubrovnik, Zadar, Zagreb, Sibenik, Rijeka, and other cities into Split. With over half of its border shared with the sea, it is no surprise that crossing into Split by boat is a preferred means of entry. Boats and ferries leave the ports of Trogir, Dalmatia, Solta, Blue Cave, and other island cities in Croatia. There are bigger ships that cross the Adriatic Sea from other countries like Italy.


There are several lodging options for tourists and visitors alike. Whether you want it luxuriously pricey, or moderately comfortable, or decently cheap, Split has a thing for you. Check out the list below to find a lodge that suits you best, but don’t be misled to believe this is all hotel Split has to offer. 1. Hotel Slavija 2. Art Hotel 3. Hotel Villa Diana 4. Marmont Hotel 5. Le Méridien Lav 6. Radisson Blu Resort 7. Vida Boutique Hotel 8. Beach Hotel Ark 9. Villa Split 10. Hotel Vestibul Palace


With most of its border shared with the Adriatic Sea, Split has a great line up of excellent seafood delicacies. Some of the popular places to have a feel of their local food are: 1. Restaurant Nova 2. Kasa Grill & Bar 3. Dvor 4. Portofino 5. Konoba Nikola 6. Hotel Park Restaurant 7. Corto Maltese Freestyle food 8. Para Di'Soto 9. Zoi 10. Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar


Split is a safe city for enthusiastic tourists in the city. Local police officers patrol the city to keep it as safe as it can get. Notwithstanding, tourists are still advised against showing off valuable properties unnecessarily to avoid petty criminals coming your way. Be smart, alert, use your personal security tips and there’s nothing else to worry about.

Getting Around

With several options to get around Spilt, shuttling the city is easy. Sites and tourist spots can be explored on foot at your own speed. A short walk around some parts of the city allows you to experience so much without rush. You can decide to rent a car or a bike to make the tour easier and sweeter since you can make your stops wherever you like and move whenever you wish. Buses, cars, and taxis can take you to any nook of the city at fair fares conveniently, fast, and cheap. Drivers are friendly and will help you navigate your way provided they know you are new and you ask for help. The option of shuttling the city in a more classic way by sea is also available, speedboats and ferries take you on amazing trips over the sea to several attractions within the city and even beyond.

Top Attractions

Not lacking amazingly cool sites for tourists to feed on, Split has just enough sites to keep its visitor occupied for as long as their stay in the city will last. Top attractions in Split include the following, but of course, they’re not limited to just this few. 1. Cathedral of Saint Domnius 2. Diocletian's Palace 3. Fortress of Klis 4. Museum of the City 5. Putalj winery 6. Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments 7. Froggyland 8. Znjan beach 9. Park Marjan

Being Local

Split locals are becoming more and more fluent with the English language which is good news for English tourists swarming into the city. Locals are also known for their vibrant nightlife and like most visited tourist destinations, locals are friendly with tourists and foreigners and will offer help and assistance with direction or in other ways if they can once you approach them.

Travelling In Split

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