Very few cities in Latin America has the kind of architectural edifices, cultural perception, and historical relevance that Bogota commands. Founded in 1538 and now the capital of Columbia, Bogota offers endless adventure, fun, and discovery for anyone lucky enough to visit. More than 8 million people live in this city, and they are always in the mood to share their love, life, and the age-long secrets that make the city a delight for tourists. 
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Best Things To Do In Bogota

Main Things You Need To Know About Bogota


The city enjoys a subtropical highland climate that results in an average temperature of around 14.5 degree Celsius. Bogotanas, as the citizens are called, also experience rainy and dry seasons. The city experiences rain between April and May, and then September through November, so if you don't like getting wet or carrying umbrellas, visit during the dry season. Dry months are in December, January, and July, where you have the opportunity to shut down the city without worrying about any force of nature.

Travelling Here

Most tourists entering Bogota come through the Bogota airport. Once you pass customs, go straight out of the glass door, and you’ll see the official airport taxi. Tell them where you’re going, and they will take you there. The Northern part of the city has a cluster of many houses, but the transport system is still very efficient. Finding a safe taxi in Bogota is an issue. As the locals would advise, don’t just hail any cab on the streets. You can use an app called Tappsi, which offers a high level of security by giving you information about a driver before you use them.


Lodging The most important thing to consider when shopping for a place to stay in Bogota is security. Before you check into any hotel make sure you educate yourself about the quality of their security systems and their history with violent attacks. Reports show that tourists have been victims of attacks in their hotel rooms, and when you find yourself in such a situation, there is little you can do to protect yourself. Below is a list of some of the safest and affordable hotels in Bogota. 1. JW Marriot Hotel 2. Bogota Marriot Hotel 3. NH Collection Bogota WTC Royal 4. W Bogota Hotel 5. Hilton Bogota 6. Casa Dan Carlton Hotel and Spa 7. GHL Hotel Capital


Bogota offers a combination of the old and new style of restaurants. Try out the local dishes and have a taste of a unique culture. There is the Bandeja Paisa, which is Colombia’s national dish consisting of rice, beans, and beef. You can also try Ajiaco, which is a delicious plate of chicken, corn soup, and potato, or Lechona, that combines pork, rice, and peas. Here is a list of restaurants with top quality cuisine and delivery service. 1. Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao 2. Leo 3. Misia by Leo Espinosa 4. Donostia 5. Salvo Patria 6. Mesa Franca 7. Empanadas at Los Troncos


Most of the crimes against tourists in Bogota is pickpocketing and purse snatching. You can prevent this easily by following simple rules. Make sure you keep your purse in a safe place close to you at all times. Avoid showing off jewelry and plenty cash in public, so you don’t become a target for criminals. If you can afford it, always go out with a local companion who understand the terrain. Don’t be caught in a dark place with few people. If you find yourself in trouble, move to a crowded place quickly.

Getting Around

Bogota has very beautiful old and new buildings that are exciting to behold. If you seek to enjoy the culture of the people your best option for getting around is the public transport system. Bogotanas don’t have a metro because of the mountains, but they have a particular lane for the bus system, which makes it easier and faster to move around the city. Transmilenio, as the bus system is called, offer cheap fares and you can buy your tickets at the ticket booth and reload when you’re running out of credit. If you wish to explore one neighborhood after the other, you can take a walk. Bogotanas are amiable people and would treat you like royalty.

Top Attractions

Bogota has museums, public squares, and building with rich culture and history. You can also go for the Bogota bike tour to enjoy the sights and sounds of the neighborhoods. If you have the stomach for some sky adventure, you can take part in skydiving and hand-gliding, which gives you a bird-eye view of the entire city. Here is a list of the top attractions. 1. La Candelaria 2. El Cerro Monserrate 3. Gold Museum (Museo de Oro) 4. Paloquemao Market 5. Iglesia de San Francisco 6. Museo Botero del Banco de la Republica 7. Flea Markets 8. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira 9. Jardin Botánico (Botanic Garden) 10. Barrio La Candelaria

Being Local

Bogota offers are welcoming, and your adventure is not complete until you experience life as a local. You can learn how to cook a classic Colombian meal, go for a market tour, or take part in a bike ride. Tourists who enjoy nightlife can try out La Villa, Armando records, and Huerta Bar Cocteleria Artesanal.

Travelling In Bogota

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