If you are thinking of buying or already bought a tour through TourOpp's marketplace, it is imperative that you read this page very carefully as this Terms & Conditions limit and describe the condition under which TourOpp operates.


TourOpp Corp. shall not be held responsible for events or circumstances that arise due to failure of not reading this page thoroughly. 


We declare that TourOpp Corp. is solely an intermediary between its customers and tour operators. TourOpp Corp. acts as a marketplace where suppliers (tour operators) upload their products (tours) on our platform for clients to find and purchase.

Purchases made on this website, www.touropp.com, and all subdomains, will be sent directly to the suppliers, who shall provide the service described.
 These suppliers are independent companies or people, in certain cases, that will interact with the customer directly via email or telephone, after purchase is made. TourOpp Corp., its employees, subsidiaries and managers are not responsible for the operation of the contracted service and disclaim any liability for setbacks in the provision of the service, as well as liability for non-provision of the service, delays, accidents, theft, acts of God or force and acts by inhabitants or tourists of the destination to visit during their stay, as well as the responsibility that each traveler has for travel documents, travel expenses, insurance, etc., only being forced to act as an intermediary for the resolution of any conflict.


Customers of TourOpp Corp., when purchasing or reserving a service personally or through the company's website, declares to be aware of the Terms and Conditions of the site and each product being sold and disclaims responsibility to TourOpp Corp. of any Subsequent claim.