TourOpp: The OTA that features the Empty Spaces on Tours, has been chosen to be part of Start-Up Chile,
one of the Top 10 Accelerators in the World.
July 20th, 2019

The OTA TourOpp, which specializes in selling the empty spaces on tour operators products has been chosen to participate in a 9 month accelerator program by Start-Up Chile, an institution funded by the Chilean government and considered one of the Top 10 accelerators worldwide and the best one in Latin America.

The US-based corporation, officially launched their website on January 15, 2018 introducing the first marketplace for tour operators to sell their empty seats on their one-day activities and tours and now it features more than 1,100 tours in 86 destinations, with up to 30% discounts (rivaling the more popular options out there like Viator or GetYourGuide).

The company is looking to revolutionize the tours & activities industry by introducing the concept of revenue management, a concept used widely in other industries across the travel sector. Airlines, cruises, hotels, and car-rental companies are some of the most experienced and savvy industries in their yield management strategies. 

With Start-Up Chile, the company aims to gain resources, mentorship, advisory and connections to foster this expansion of both, new suppliers and clients.

As Paulo Irigoyen, VP of Business Development, states, "the tours and activities industry is far behind the travel sector in creating pricing models that benefit, both, customers and companies. Being in this industry ourselves, we felt there was a need for tour operators to maximize their occupancy and for clients to get incentives to book a one-day tour”

Daniel Pino, TourOpp’s CEO states, "this a win-win situation for everyone. Tour operators get to fill out their empty seats on their slowest days of operation and clients get a really good deal on their tours. The reason why tour operators are interested in offering such incentives is because their costs of operating such tour (gas, the driver of the bus, the tour guide, etc.) will be the same, regardless if they have 10 clients, or just one. An empty space on a tour is a loss for them, so instead they would rather offer an incentive to customers. We are excited to be in Santiago de Chile and take advantage of what Start-Up Chile has to offer.”

Start-Up Chile hosts two acceleration programs every year since 2010. TourOpp is going to the 22nd Generation of this program and for such, the company has already earned a 25 million Chilean pesos grant (around $40,000 USD). It is also important to remember that this South American country has seen an increasing interest in recent years from both, tourists and investors. LATAM airlines, also has the biggest hub of its operation in Santiago, which makes it interesting for any travel company that wants to grow its B2B division.
Jossueth Irigoyen, TourOpp’s President, states"we are on a mission to fill enable travelers to access unique activities and experiences during their trip, purchased at special prices that also reduce the implicit daily risk of tour operators.”

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