Shangai: Above The Sea

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Shanghai is an incredible place for tourists to visit and there’s so much to see and do that one or two tours will definitely help you cover more ground. Shanghai is a municipality in China (check out our cheap China tours), located on the country's central coast. It doubles as the country's largest city as well as a global financial hub. Being the most prosperous city in China, it is largely considered as the origin of every modern thing in the country. Shanghai is full of amazing things to do and it a rich historical legacy of landmarks to explore. If you’re visiting China, you might also like to consider checking out our range discount tours and activities in Beijing
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Best Things To Do In Shanghai

Main Things You Need To Know About Shanghai


Shanghai has about the same weather with New Orleans, Brisbane and Cairo; generally classified as humid subtropical. During summer, the temperature gets to the 35-36ºC mark at some afternoons plus high humidity. Also, every once in a while, there is some risk of typhoons between July and September. Conversely, during winter, there is a rise in temperature to above 10ºC during the day and fall below 0ºC at night. There is a rare occurrence of snow that can disrupt transportation. So, basically you would probably prefer visiting Shanghai between October and November. That is the autumn season that boasts comfortable temperature for visitors.

Travelling Here

Traveling to Shanghai comes with no pressures whatsoever. As one of the main travel hubs of China, getting in from any part of the world is easy. There are two main airports in Shanghai namely Pudong (the International Gateway) and Hongqiao (serving mostly domestic flights). The two airports are on line two. Flight fares to Shanghai are relatively cheap depending on the season. Pudong has two terminals that serve different airlines, and upon arrival at the airport, you can travel the rest by bus or train. From the airport, you can get direct shuttle buses to wherever you intend going in the city.


A very nice accommodation is crucial to any trip. As a first time traveler to Shanghai, it is very likely that you are not sure where to stay or where seems best enough and most convenient to enjoy your visit to the latter. Overall, the best place to lodge is dependent on what you intend doing or seeing in the city. For example, if you are on a business trip, it is better you stay in Pudong District; for sightseeing, choose Puxi area. You will find a hotel in the city center of Shanghai for more convenience, and the following are best options you can choose from: 1. Shanghai Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel 2. Peace Hotel Shanghai 3. Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Puxi Hotel 4. Equatorial Hotel Shanghai 5. Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai 6. Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Zhabei


Shanghai has a wealth of interesting meals that cut across diverse cultures and people plus their locals. The meals in the city are characterised by freshness and balance plus some deal of richness. The local cuisine in Shanghai features freshness, especially fresh fish, and shrimps. Other local cuisines include boiled eel, yellow chicken, fried shrimp, drunk crab, etc. The preference for meat in Shanghai is pork and it is ubiquitous in the general style of Chinese cooking. How about if your choice is some less cholesterol-laden option? No need to panic, you are definitely open to consumption of a disproportionately large amount of soy. If you are from the West, Shanghai covers you still. There are incredible authentic traditional foods for you in the city.


Generally, China is a safe country to visit and tour where you meet very friendly and nice people. On the other hand, safety level in Shanghai is averagely fair with a pronounced issue of pickpocketing. Tourists are particularly vulnerable but basic knowledge of the risks and scams around will keep you safe. Going by that, take necessary precautions especially in crowded places, be careful at night and keep your valuables as safe as possible. In Shanghai, the areas of greatest concern are nightclub areas like Mao Ming Road and Ju Le Road.

Getting Around

In Shanghai, if you plan to stay for more than a couple of days, you must obtain the Shanghai Jiaotong card. You can load some money on the card and use it in buses, taxis, Maglev and the metro station. The card is obtainable at any metro/subway station and some convenience stores like Alldays and KeDi Marts. Get the card recharged at the service counter and cruise Shanghai as much as you want. With the Metro, you are bound to enjoy a fast, cheap and air-conditioned trip across the city for prices within the Y3-9 range while you can as well decide to go for the bus system which is cheaper and more extensive than the Metro. On the other hand, you can get around Shanghai by taxis, by sightseeing bus, on foot, ferry, by bicycle, by car, by scooter sidecar and sightseeing tunnel.

Top Attractions

Shanghai, renowned for largeness and prosperity, exudes an atmosphere of combined self-confidence and vitality. This singular reason makes it a place to visit even though the city is not utterly brimming with sightseeing venues. You either love or hate Shanghai of course. There are many exciting sightseeing opportunities in Shanghai and some of the top attractions to see include: 1. Shanghai Circus World 2. Shanghai Maglev Train 3. Oriental Pearl Tower 4. Zhujiajiao 5. Tianzifang 6. Shanghai Museum 7. Shanghai World Financial Center 8. Nanjing Road 9. Yu Garder

Being Local

In a world of so many, you are poised to live like the Shanghainese if you truly want an absolutely interesting and worthwhile visit. In the course of understanding Modern China and the history within, make some friends and learn some styles unique to the citizens. Also, choose to learn basic Chinese words and at the end, the sense of optimism and excitement you feel walking through the city is amazing; one that leaves you with a memory to forever relish.

Travelling In Shanghai

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