This China's massive capital city is renowned for history that dates back to 3 millennia. It is as well known for its modern wealth of architecture. The mix of old and new all across the city is one of the very reasons you have to consider spending your next tourism vacation in Beijing. Being capital to one of the most populous countries in the world, Beijing's hugeness is marked by varied, enjoyable activities such as sightseeing and nightlife. The second largest city in China after Shanghai is home to many stunning sights to explore, top-notch restaurants and breathtaking temples, among others.
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Best Things To Do In Beijing

Main Things You Need To Know About Beijing


Similar to all other places, it is important to understand the weather of Beijing- what time is best to visit and what season is best to have the absoluteness of the anticipated fun. The best climate in Beijing are provided by the temperate seasons (March to May) and September to October, hence the best times to visit. In addition, you are bound to enjoy the colorful scenery at these times of the year. Conversely, while the winter births cold temperatures and every once in a while, snow; summer brings sweltering heat. As expected, a lack of detailed knowledge of this can mar your vacation experience. Spare the holidays, winter in Beijing (November to February) is the low point for the city's tourism.

Travelling Here

Beijing is accessible from all parts of the world. The Republic of China's capital city is served by the Beijing Capital International Airport for domestic and foreign flights. It is expedient for travelers to use the Tianjin Binhai International Airport which is located in the first-tier of Tianjin, and it takes just about 35 minutes from the Express train. Another decent option is the Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport which is 1hour 20 minutes from Zhengding Airport Station to Beijing West Station on a high-speed train. Beijing Capital International Airport, being the world's second-busiest of all across the world allows you easy access to connect the city from any location or place whatsoever. Moreover, representing as Northern China's main transportation hub, Beijing is easy to reach for visitors via frequent flights, rail, and modern roads.


As a huge city, there is a large selection of starred hotels among others in Beijing. You are likely to get confused as a tourist, in identifying what option seems best enough. We can say, you would normally prefer the best place where sightseeing, shopping, and nightlife are easily connected plus a convenient means of transportation. Whatever choice of location you make, your trip experience is influenced to a large extent. As tourists, you might want to consider staying in such areas like Wangfujing, Houhai, Xi'den and Qianmen. Once you have carefully planned your interests that complement our budget and guarantee an easy and convenient mobility, the following are some of the places you can consider for lodging: 1. Xiao Yuan Alley Courtyard Hotel 2. Red Wall Garden Shijia Hotel 3. Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing Hotel 4. Ibis Beijing Jianguomen 5. Ctitytel Inn 6. Holiday Inn Express Shanghai 7. Inoor City 8. Days Inn Forbidden City 9. Beijing Hyde Hotel 10. Somerset ZongGuanCun Beijing


In Beijing, one thing you have to worry less about is food. The city provides tourist from all parts of the world opportunities to sample great cuisines. Some of the best restaurants around serve food from many places like Tibet, Yunan, Sichwan, and others. A second to none culinary tour of some of the finest cuisines is offered in restaurants across the city. In addition, every province has its own delectable dishes that leave you asking for more 1. Dongzhimen offers Beijing's most loved specialties to enjoy grilled seafood chuan'er, chicken kiev, and pecking duck 2. Wangfujing Street offers traditional range of Chinese street foods 3. Wudaokou offers simple cuisines like pizza, sandwiches and salads at affordable prices. Do you want to eat well and cheap? Dine with the locals where they do and pick your dishes from the menu at any of the ubiquitous restaurants.


It may interest you to know that Beijing is one of the safest cities in the world in terms of crime on the basis of how large the city is. Like in other towns, cities of the country or the world at large, pickpocketing occurs but you can breather to say the least because as a tourist or foreigner, you are the least target. However, China is a relatively safe country, so is Beijing. Just keep your eyes opened and be careful- educate yourself, use common sense and do not wander alone in isolated areas. Beijing is one place you meet the most friendly, honest and trustworthy people.

Getting Around

Before embarking on a trip to Beijing, it is important that you make a list of the names of places you intend visiting and obtain as much information and details as possible on each of them. This is because Beijing is rapidly changing, even at a phenomenal pace. After that, you can walk the city on foot, be mindful of zebra crossings and others. Another quick way of getting around Beijing is the Beijing Subway which is marked in English for travelers. This may serve a better option than taxis, especially if you just want to stretch your legs. The departure time of the last train is between 22:15 and 23:15, depending on the station and it reopens around 05:00. Other methods are via public transport by bus which is both cheap and convenient, covering the entire city. In Beijing, there are bus lines numbered 1-999. The ones under 300 serve the city center, the ones from 300 and above run between the city center and beyond and the ones between the 900 and above range connect Beijing with its rural districts. Some other means of transportation include; taxi, by bicycle, minibus or car.

Top Attractions

Beijing is an interesting city to explore on foot. You can get to see a number of top attractions. Their close proximity to one another even makes it more fun and manageable. Some of the top attractions that readily capture your attention are: 1. Tiananmen Square 2. National Museum of China 3. Beihai Park of the Summer Palace 4. Great Wall 5. Dashanzi Art District 6. Forbidden City 7. Ming Tombs

Being Local

In the process of exploring the city and its very many top attractions, you should act like a local and see the real Beijing. Better put, do not be intimidated by the city’s massiveness. While walking, cycling or doing some other things, you should try to relate with and identify with the citizens who are doing the exact same thing with you. As such, you are able to combine history and modernity to suit your vacation needs and experience.

Travelling In Beijing

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