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China is one of the biggest countries in the world, with a history and heritage that is second to none. China is a wonderful mixture of old and new, of quaint countryside and huge urban cityscapes. China’s most iconic attraction it the Great Wall, which stretches out about 21,196km. If you’re visiting China soon and you want to book a few last-minute tours with big discounts, check out the tours below, but also make sure you check out our Beijing tours and Shanghai tours! Discover China with a little help from the team here at TourOpp and save between 30% and 70% on all our tours. 

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Main Things You Need To Know

Unique Dolphins

In south China, you can find white Dolphins, which can sometimes be pink.

Special Manufactured Armours

In Ancient China, warriors sometimes wore paper armours.


China is the most populated country in the world, with around 1.500 million inhabitats.

Wonder World Country

China has one of the seven world wonders: The Great Wall of China

Best Things To Do In China

Main Things You Need To Know About China

The People’s Republic of China use "Renminbi” as its official medium of exchange throughout the country. A unit of Renminbi is called "Yuan”. Renminbi is translated to mean "the people’s currency”. One US dollar is equivalent to 6.62 Chinese Yuan.
Mandarin Chinese is spoken by about 850 million Chinese and it is recognised as the first official language of the People’s Republic of China. Other important languages spoken in China are Wu language and the Min language spoken by 77 million and 70 million people respectively.
Visa Information
Provided that your documents are in order, getting a China visa approved is quite straightforward. Owning to the fact that China receives so many foreigners seeking entry into the country, applications for a China tourist visa should be filed at least 30 days before the intended day of travel. Enthusiastic tourists who wish to pay a touristic visit to China must provide the following:
1. A dully completed visa application form.
2. Original passport that will remain valid for at least six months.
3. A recent passport-sized photograph.
4. A utility bill or any other proof to indicate your address of residence.
5. Proof of having sufficient funds to cover all expense that will be incurred.
6. Personal details showing name, gender, date of birth, etc.
7. Visa application fee.
Getting There
Several airports in China welcome thousands of visitors and travellers daily. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the most important airport in China, serving over 100 airlines and over 200 destinations. The Beijing Capital International Airport is arguably the country’s most preferred and busiest airport. Baiyun International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport are among China’s finest airports. For tourist seeking the most out of their visit to China, you should fly in through Beijing Capital International Airport because the capital city of Beijing is just a fine spot to begin your adventure story.
Tourists can enter China from the neighbouring countries by train through a number of crossing points. There are railway systems to and fro the capitals of Russia and China, and North Korea and China, connecting the countries together. Hong Kong connects with China by moving from Hung Hom in Hong Kong to Guangzhou in China. Nanning in Vietnam is connected to Guangxi in China. Kazakhstan connects tourists to Urumqi in China by rail.
Nepal’s link to China is through Mount Everest to Tibet. Vietnam has three legal crossing points at Dong Dang to Pingxiang, Mong Cai to Dongxing, and at Lao Cai to Hekou that connect it to China by land. Sikkim in India connects Southern Tibet in China together by land. Laos has a direct connection to Kunming in China from Luang Praban. Mongolia has two crossing points at Erenhot that leads to Zamin Uud, and Takashiken that leads to Bulgan. Myanmar offers a crossing point at Lashio into Ruili in China. 
Macau has two crossing points into China at Lotus Bridge and at Portas do Cerco. Pakistan also shares boundaries with China, making it possible to cross into China by road at Kunerjab. You will find buses that shuttle Kashgar in China and Sust in Pakistan. Russia also shares boundaries with China and crossing by land is possible through Zabaik
China 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
China’s tourist visas are valid for a period of 3 months. Visas can be extended after the expiration of validity for a fee. It is important that the application for the extension of the validity of your visa be filed before its expiration.
In the freezing winter season or in the burning summertime, there is always a place, a marvel, an adventure, a sight, or a story to tell all year round in amazing China. But the peak travel periods are during spring and autumn.

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