Santiago de Chile

Fun-filled adventures and wildlife encounters in the largest Chilean city and capital will surely set you right. Dozens of lures in Santiago attract thousands of tourists to its shores yearly. A plus to the Chilean capital is its location on the earth and its unique mountainous terrain that makes the city an outstanding tourist spot. Vibrant nightlife, groovy night clubs, delectable foods, superb cafes, architectural marvels, mesmerising views, natural parks; Santiago is simply just the perfect spot to spend the holidays.
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Best Things To Do In Santiago De Chile

Main Things You Need To Know About Santiago De Chile


Santiago has a Mediterranean climate. It has an average annual rainfall of 261.5mm with its wettest and driest periods in July and January respectively. Although its rains come quite heavily in July, Santiago has conductive and friendly weather conditions on the whole. The capital city experiences its best weather for touristic visits in the months of September to April.

Travelling Here

Santiago International Airport and Eulogio Sánchez Airport are the two main airports in Santiago that service the city. Both airports receive thousands of tourists into the city on annual basis. Not only does the Santiago International Airport serve the city, it is also more of a gateway into the country at large. Railway access also connects Santiago with other cities in the southern parts of the country. The most preferred railway networks operator in the city is the country’s national railway Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado that connects Rancagua, Talca, Linares, and San Fernando among others to Santiago. There are also bus companies that offer inter-urban services to the neighbouring cities to Santiago that are quite cheap and reliable. Some of these inter-urban terminals include Terminal San Borja, Terminal Alameda, Terminal Santiago, Terminal La Paz, among others.


Santiago has several excellent spots to lodge while you remain in the beautiful city. Will would you rather have a good guesthouse, a cheap but decent hotel room, or a luxurious treat in a 5-star hotel? Santiago has it all. Noi Vitacura hotel, Hotel Boutique Tremo, Tinto Boutique hotel, Castillo Rojo Boutique hotel, and Hotel Orly are among the best hotel options in Santiago.


Your visit to Santiago is just not complete without encountering the unique culinary experience the city offers in any of its local restaurants and superb cuisine. Start with the Chilean national delicacy, Pastel de choclo, a signature meal prepared from the paste of sweet corn, spiced up with chopped onions, flavoured with great spices, and garnished with minced beef. Menus in some of Santiago’s finest restaurants also reflect a touch of European and English culture and offers great taste. Of course, it’s not all about the scrumptious meals; they’ve also got an extensive list of choice wine to gulp down the delectable meals. Some of the city’s finest restaurants include La Diana, Chipe Libre, Restaurante 040, Baco, Ambrosia, El Huerto, Hogs, among others.


Santiago is among the few cities in South America that have met the standards and qualify as a safe city. That does not altogether mean that Santiago experience a zero crime rate. Tourists in the city should still remain alert and aware of their surrounding when they are in the public. Few cases of petty crimes are still been recorded within the city. No cause for alarm as the city has patrol teams working to maintain the peace of the neighborhood.

Getting Around

Santiago’s Metro de Santiago happens to be South America’s most extensive metro system conveying more than two million passengers daily; thus making it the most preferred means of shuttling around the city followed by road transport using cabs, buses, and cars. Since Santiago is considered as a relatively small country, tourists can get to most destinations by walking and soaking in the city’s marvels at their own pace.

Top Attractions

Find the best of Santiago in any one of the following attractions listed below. Of course, don’t be misled to believe these are all Santiago has to offer. The items on the list are so many, but here are just 10 top attraction sites. 1. Chipe Libre 2. Cerro Santa Lucia 3. Portillo 4. Peumayen 5. Museum of Memory and Human Rights 6. Cerro San Cristóbal 7. Centro Gabriela Mistral 8. St. Christopher Hill 9. La Diana 10. Plaza de Armas

Being Local

Being a local begins with a taste of Chile’s national dishes like Pastel de choclo, Asado, Empanadas, Jaiva and the rest of them. Being a local means you’ve got to learn the basics of the language. Wander the streets, join the chats in the bars, and ride the waves in any of the beautiful beaches around.

Travelling In Santiago De Chile

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