Tours in San Pedro de Atacama

In San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, you’ll find extraordinary landscapes unlike anything else you have seen before. Settled on the plateau in the Andes mountains of northeastern Chile, 2,500 meters above sea level, this oasis city in the desert attracts a large number of tourists each year with its dramatic surroundings.

From the famous Atacama Desert and Licancabur Volcano to active geysers, from vast salt lakes to deep blue lagoons, and from great archeological attractions to the world’s top astronomy observatories, San Pedro de Atacama is a perfect holiday destination for outdoor-lovers and adventure-seekers.
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Best Things To Do In San Pedro De Atacama

Main Things You Need To Know About San Pedro De Atacama


San Pedro de Atacama has a very dry and mild climate, with long, warm, and dry summers and short, dry, and cold winters. The weather is mostly clear all year round with the average daily summer temperatures between 25-30 degrees Celsius (77-86 Fahrenheit) and 18-25 degrees Celsius (64-77 Fahrenheit) during the winter.

Travelling Here

San Pedro de Atacama is located 1.670 km north of the capital of Santiago. The easiest way to get to San Pedro is by airplane. You must first get to Calama, the nearest city, 98 km (60 miles) away. However, there are various including bus and minibus transportation options available from Calama El Loa Airport to San Pedro de Atacama city.


There is a range of lodging options available in San Pedro. Depending on your travel preferences and budget available, you can book accommodations ranging from hostels, boutique hotels and B&B’s to private holiday homes, hotels, and short-term villas.


The visit to any of Chilean cities is simply not complete without exploring the national specialties such as Ajiaco (meat soup), Curanto (seafood, meat, and veggie stew), and Pastel de choclo (beef and corn casserole). Some of the best restaurants in San Pedro de Atacama to try culinary staples include Ckunza Tilar, Inca’s Restaurant San Pedro, Café Katarpe, Fuente Atacamena San Camilo and many others.


San Pedro de Atacama is generally considered a safe city. Of course, you should take precautions when in the public as you would in any other foreign city. However, rest assured that your safety will be protected as police teams are doing their job on protecting both locals and visitors in the region.

Getting Around

Because it is a small city, San Pedro does not have a public transportation system. The available transportation options in the city include taxis and car rentals. However, many tourists consider mountain bikes as the best way to explore San Pedro and its surroundings. Make sure to carry sunscreen and plenty of water with you, though.

Top Attractions

Things to do and see in San Pedro and within the town’s close proximity are plentiful. However, top five of the San Pedro de Atacama highlights include: 1) Pukara de Quitor fortress, 2) Meteorite Museum, 3) Baltinache Lagoon, 4) Licancabur Volcano, 5) Geyser del Tatio

Being Local

To truly discover the city and feel like a local in San Pedro, learn the basics of the language, get to know the locals and try Chile’s national dishes. Roam the streets of San Pedro, explore local shops, bars, visit archeological sites and learn about the region’s heritage.

Travelling In San Pedro De Atacama

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