Everything sea! From beaches to marine, port, seaside resorts, and bars, this is Varna, one of finest cities in Bulgaria and a major tourist spot in the country. The city is peppered with ancient sites and dazzling spots to keep tourists busy all through their stay. Explore the magic of Varna and write your own story.
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Best Things To Do In Varna

Main Things You Need To Know About Varna


May to October presents the most favourable weather to pay Varna a visit. Of these months, July and August receive the highest number of tourists. The months of January and February are the coldest months in Varna while June and December remain the wettest.

Travelling Here

Varna presents many options for tourists to visit the city. By air, land, railway, or water channels, there is always a way into this beautiful city. The city?s main airport, Varna Airport seems to be the most preferred means of getting in from foreign tourists from other countries. There are direct flights into the city that are received at Varna Airport from Moscow, Istanbul, Vienna, London, Samara, Sofia, and many other places. Entering by land offers a number of good options, whether, with a car, or bus, the choice is yours. This is the best options if you?re coming from other neighbouring cities around Varna. The bus services into Varna offers both inter-city and international rides are reliable, convenient, and can be used to get in and out of Varna quite easily. Tourists can smoothly move from places like Istanbul, Romania, Greece, and a few other countries into Bulgaria to Varna using the city?s central bus station. There are also car services that reach Varna from Turkey, Romania, and Greece. Travelling by train is also another great option for tourists. Varna has a good railway system that connects it to the rest of the world. There are railways to and from Kiev and Lviv in Ukraine, Bucharest in Romania. For the marine capital of Bulgaria, that sits at the edge of the continent and bordered to the right by the Black Sea, it?s no surprise that this Varna can be reached with boats and superb cruises. From Turkey, Ukraine, and Georgia, there are fine ferries that link to Varna. And of course, with all the adventures of the sea, ferry trips are no doubt a fun and exciting means of entering Varna.


As you will expect from one of the major tourist destinations in a country like Bulgaria, Varna has loads of comfortable spots to lodge. Go classic, mid-class, or cheap; the choice is yours. To help you with lodging, here are a few fantastic lodging options; don?t be fooled, this is certainly not all the greatest lodges in Varna, that list would seem endless. 1. Modus Hotel 2. Aqua Hotel 3. Varna Hills 4. Hotel Gallery Graphite 5. Swiss-Belhotel 6. Hotel Impala 7. Romantic Apartment 8. Dallas Residence Hotel 9. Holiday Villa 10. Hotel Panorama 11. Golden Tulip Hotel 12. Palitra Family Hotel


Seafood, pizza, coffee, Varna has got it alright. This city doesn?t only have dazzling sites that could hold you spellbound; they?ve also got a healthy, fresh, and tasty culinary. You will find a taste of Greece, Serbia, Turkey, and Romania in their food. From their signature recipes like banitsa, tarator, shopska salata, musaka, to their fine wine collection, it?s just a must for every visitor to taste something Varian. Some of the best restaurants around include, but are not limited to the following: 1. Mr. Baba Restaurant 2. Orient 3. Candles CafÇ Bar & Dinner 4. Buongiorno Caffe 5. Captain Cook 6. Red Canape 7. La Pastaria 8. Massa Kitchen 9. By The Sea 10. Pappa's Bar and Kitchen 11. Captain Cook 12. Happy Bar and Grill


As much as Varna may be recognised as a safe city, trivial crimes like phone snatching, petty thefts, and pick-pocketing still occur. Like visiting any other top tourist destination in the world, tourists should be mindful of their environment when they are out on the streets, and should avoid any act that will put them in harm way. But on the whole, Varna is a safe place to visit for the holidays.

Getting Around

You can navigate your way around the city with cars, and buses. Varna’s streets are generally safe to walk around or ride a bicycle as you get around discovering the city?s spectacles. There are taxis and decent public buses to carry you from one tourist destination to another at a fair fare. Taxis and buses can reach almost everywhere in this city so there?s absolutely nothing to worry about when it gets to the issue of getting around. The city locals will be glad to give you some coordinates if you approach them. Some of the city?s finest taxi companies include Triumph, OK Trans, and Evro. To get the best of your visit, it?s a clever idea to rent a car from any of the rental shops you find within the city. This way you cover more grounds with so much freedom of stopping where you wish charmed to get a better experience.

Top Attractions

Varna is one of Bulgaria?s major tourist destinations for good reasons. The city is littered with charming natural sites, beautiful beaches, monasteries, architectural marvellous, and lots more, you can?t get enough of it. The spots below are among the top attractions in Varna. 1. Naval Museum 2. Baltata 3. Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral 4. Clock Tower of Varna 5. Aladzha Monastery 6. Gulf of Varna 7. Varna beach 8. Butterfly house 9. Varna Zoo 10. Aquamania 11. Sea Garden

Being Local

The best way to live in Varna is simply living like a local. With warm and welcoming locals in Varna, feel at ease to open up a conversion, and you?ll be surprised at how well they love to meet with visitors. Let them teach you a few basic sentences and phrases so you can blend in at their marketplaces, shops, and eateries. Live in any of the beautiful beaches and right there all night. The locals enjoy a vibrant nightlife both at sea, on land, and at heart. And of course, you can never be a complete local without having a taste of their delectable foods. This is how you experience Varna like a local.