Welcome to the Golden Sands of Bulgaria, an ancient city with so many historical tales and important memorials to attest to these tales. Regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria, and home to a lot of sandy beaches, fine traditional restaurants, and good foods with a community of amazingly warm-hearted locals, Sozopol is a proud tourism centre. With a sandy beach of over 4km, this city boasts one of the best nightlife on the country?s coast.
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Best Things To Do In Sozopol

Main Things You Need To Know About Sozopol


The rains come pouring in from October to January, and it gets very cold in January. The best months to look forward to visiting Sozopol happen to be in the months of May to October, but of these months, the most beautiful months are July and August when the weather is lovably pleasant.

Travelling Here

If you?re planning a trip to old Sozopol, then you?ve got a good number of travelling options to select from; air, land, or sea. Although there are no direct flights to Sozopol, international flights can stop at nearby Sofia, or Burgas, and tourists can then journey on from any of these neighbouring cities to Sozopol using buses and taxi that shuttle between these airports and Sozopol. Sozopol has many options for bus services to bring tourists and travellers to the city. Tourists can get to Sozopol in a bus or taxi from Burgas, Varna, Sofia, and other surrounding cities in just a few minutes. It?s no big surprise that buses also run from outside Bulgaria, from countries like Turkey to Sozopol. Many will like the boat rides to Sozopol along the Black Sea coast from neighbouring cities that lie along the Black Sea coast too. Boat rides are a fantastic way of entering Sozopol because the adventure begins right at sea and then onto the beautiful beaches of the city.


Sozopol has lots of fantastic lodging options scattered across the city. Some of these fine hotels and accommodations here are superbly sited close to the sea to give visitors a nice view of the white waters. Sozopol has accommodation choices for all class and tastes of tourists within its borders. The following 10 options should give you a head start for all visitors who wish to get a lodging space for the duration of their visit. 1. Hotel Miramar 2. Hotel Casa del Mare 3. Family Hotel Apolonia 4. Villa Bella 5. Neli Sea Villa 6. Boruna Guest House 7. Hotel Fjord 8. Villa Bizantium 9. Aquamarine Hotel 10. Guest House Diamant


Your visit to Sozopol is definitely not complete without a treat to one of their scrumptious dishes served in restaurants within the old town. There are so many palatable restaurants and eateries in the city serving mouth-watering foods. Whether you want to eat luxuriously, or decently inexpensive, you'll surely find a spot for you. So here's another list, but this time, of some of the wonderful spots for a delectable meal. 1. Del Muro 2. Ksantana Bistro 3. Veranda 4. Windmill Restaurant 5. Espozito 6. Viva Mare Fish & Grill 7. Antique well Restaurant 8. Di Valli 9. Restaurant Kirik 10. Restorant Versiya


Sozopol is considered a safe tourist destination. Although there are rare incidents of petty crimes and thefts, records indicate that there are very rare accounts of violent crimes. As with any other tourist destinations, tourists are advised to be careful and conscious of their environment as much as possible, especially when you?re in the midst of bustling crowds around top attractions.

Getting Around

Sozopol offers travellers and visitors many different options of getting around the city for them to choose from. With so many picturesque views scattered along the layout of this small town, walking on foot may be the best way to explore Sozopol. Walking gives you so much freedom to explore the marvels of the city at your desired pace without rush. If walking gets tiresome, then you can choose between riding a bicycle to cover more grounds with the same amount of freedom that walking gives which reserves much more energy. Buses and taxis are easy to find any time of the day, whether at night or in the morning. They are scattered everywhere within the city to offer rides to the beaches, and any other attractions for a fair price. However, drivers tend to double or triple the price once they sense you?re new in the area, so make bargains for the price for each trip before slipping into the taxi or bus to avoid the embarrassment of paying much more when you reach your stop. There are boat rides too that cover a small portion of the city, but the experience is always fun. So for all fun-seekers who wish to spice up there tour, here?s something for you to check out.

Top Attractions

Not lacking amazingly cool sites for tourists to feed on, Sozopol has just enough sites to keep its tourists and fun seekers occupied for as long as their stay in the city will last. Top attractions in Sozopol include the following, but of course, they?re certainly not limited to just this few. 1. Ropotamo 2. Korenyata 3. Nos Agalina 4. The Castle of Ravadinovo 5. St. Ivan Island 6. Piasachnata Lilia 7. Archaeological Museum 8. Ancient Gate of Sozopol 9. Budjaka, Sozopol 10. St. Cyricus Island

Being Local

In Sozopol, being a local begins with learning a few tricks in their local dialect. Very little English language is spoken among the locals, so keep close to your local guide until you've learned a thing or two in the Bulgarian language. Life in Sozopol is lived next to the sea; where tourists experience and soak in all the beautiful sceneries of Nature at sea, enjoy a lazy sunbath, go and engage in many other sea games and sports. Although language barrier could sometimes be an issue, locals are friendly and are usually very excited to meet with visitors. So feel free to ask for directions, and blend into their culture.