Kranevo is one of the beautiful coastal towns in Bulgaria where it lays on the coast of Black Sea. When you step into Kranevo, you step into a small village compressed with an impressive collection of medieval caves, beautiful beaches with breathtaking oceanic views, dazzling natural parks, historical icons, and ancient architectural edifices. Indeed, Kranevo is just the perfect tourist location for adventurers and explorers. The beach is a perfect spot to begin your exploration. Some say the best thing about this little village is the lure its beach wields, large, long, and white. Explore Kranevo for yourself and find out which of its charms wields a stronger spell.
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Best Things To Do In Kranevo

Main Things You Need To Know About Kranevo


Kranevo experiences summer from July through September. Fall begins in late part of September and continues till the ending parts of November. Winter gets really cold and begins in December and lingers until February. The remaining part of the year, March to early June, enjoys springtime with beautiful weather. Kranevo?s rainiest months are between June and early July. The sun comes in hot between July and September and records its average highest temperature in August.

Travelling Here

There are no airports within the small city of Kranevo, but nearby cities like Varna, Sofia, Burgas, and Plovdiv have international airports that feed Bulgaria with tourists from foreign countries. So tourists who wish to fly to Kranevo can use the alternative of stopping in any major city that is close to Kranevo and then proceeds by land with taxis or buses. This gives tourists the opportunity to explore other major tourist destination within Bulgaria even before their adventure in Kranevo begins. The main means of getting to Kranevo is by land travel with well-organized bus and taxi shuttles that connect cities around to Kranevo. You can sit back and enjoy the trip with beautiful views unwinding as you go. The fare is affordable.


With so many exotic accommodation options with sufficient space and comfort, finding a decent place to lodge during your stay in the city isn?t going to be an issue. Kranevo is one of those places that understand what first-class hospitality really feels like and this reflects the quality of service rendered at their lodges. Staff are friendly, well-trained and experienced. Rooms are relaxing, clean, and cosy; also lodges are sited in a serene environment, away from the hustles and bustles of the noisy streets and markets. Just a little number of such fantastic hotels is given below. 1. Hotel Sunny Park 2. Galia Guest House 3. Family Hotel Julian 4. Guest House Stels 5. Sea View Family Hotel 6. Villa Amfora 7. Therma Palace Balneohotel 8. Apartments Victoria 9. Hotel Jaki 10. SanMarco Villas


Kranevo?s spectacles don?t end with its amazing sites and attractions. It also extends to its unique and tasteful cuisine, with its eateries serving some of the best dishes in Bulgaria. It?s not only the foods that make Kranevo?s culinary unique, but they?ve also got a great taste for fine wine. Local dishes served in traditional huts reflect the culture of a people well preserved and passed on from one generation to another; you are definitely going to like it here. Everything from Kranevo?s kitchens is fresh and nutritious. Here are a few names among the numerous restaurants and bars within this city. 1. La Tisima 2. Ajax 3. Steak House Krivata Lipa 4. FIRST LINE Restaurant & Bar 5. Mirage Sands Bar&Dinner 6. Mekhana 7. Restaurant Izvora 8. Elios Bistro 9. Casa De La Playa 10. Playboy Cafe


This city is pretty much of a safe tourist destination with very little crime records. Police officers are vigilant, and patrols are regular. So, provided you don?t get too loose, and you keep your eyes on your luggage and belongings, there will be no need to worry about your safety. It?s good counsel to maintain personal security tips whenever you travel. As much as you can, leave valuables and other expensive accessories at your hotel room unless you?ll need it for the tour. Wearing or carrying such items tends to make you a target for petty criminals.

Getting Around

The best way of getting around Kranevo is by using taxis and buses. The beautiful old town has good roads linking users to almost everywhere within it. Taxis and buses can get you to anywhere within the old town. Another great reason to use Kranevo public transport system is its affordable price. Enjoy the beautiful sights along the way as you go round the town. Another great option is to go around on foot. The town is a small one, and so much of its beauty can be covered while walking through its streets. Renting a car or bicycle gives extra comfort and assures more coverage faster. Whichever way you want to use, don?t forget to go around with your camera, you?ll need it!

Top Attractions

Kranevo is not one of Bulgaria?s finest tourist destinations for no reasons. It?s a worthy spot it earned for itself with its impressive medieval caves, enchanting natural parks, lush reserves, and so many other attractions that will hold you spellbound; you just can?t get enough of its marvels. With a good length of this small town bordered by the Black Sea, the beautiful sandy beach of Kranevo is yet another brilliant attraction in this wonderfully laid-back town. But so you?re not left blank, here is a short list of top attractions you must visit before leaving the beautiful town of Kranevo. 1. Baltata 2. Aladzha Monastery 3. Catacombs to Aladzha Monastery 4. Golden Sands Nature Park

Being Local

Kranevo?s locals are culturally vibrant people who respect and relish their culture and tradition; little wonder it has endured long years. Locals are generally nice people with warm hearts. Walk around the town and blend with the locals on the streets, settle in a fine restaurant, or stroll to the beach on foot. So much time is spent on the beach where you?ll find superb eateries and restaurants on sand!