Karlukovo is a beautiful little village town in Lovech Province in northern Bulgaria. With mind-blowing caves, dazzling landscape, amazing sceneries, beautiful architectural edifices, and fine eateries and restaurants all over this little town, Karlukovo is arguably one of the best tourist destinations in Bulgaria, and in all of Europe by extension. A bubbling nightlife and many other enchanting natural sites within the town sufficiently support this claim. Your trip to Bulgaria is certainly not complete without an adventurous visit to this lovely piece of earth. 
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Best Things To Do In Karlukovo

Main Things You Need To Know About Karlukovo


Karlukovo enjoys a continental climate with long and hot summers, chilly winters, and pleasant spring seasons. Winter falls sets in from December and lasts till February when spring begins to creep in and lingers till late April. May opens the way for summer?s heat; September ushers in autumn which dominates the weather till late November and early December when winter begins. So, on the whole, the months of June to September are regarded as the best time to plan a visit to this beautiful town.

Travelling Here

Karlukovo has no airports, and hence there isn't any direct flight into the town. However, tourists who love to fly can still fly to Sofia, Varna, or Burgas and pick a bus or taxi to Karlukovo. It?s easy, fast, and reliable. There are great shuttle services at the airport to convey tourists to any destination of their choice. From neighbouring cities, tourists can also pick buses and taxis at fair prices to Karlukovo. This transport services are well organised and reliable. So once you?re in Bulgaria, don?t forget to pay the beautiful old village town a visit. You will be glad you did. Karlukovo also has a good railway system running in from Sofia. Trains are an affordable, comfortable, and great way to travel to Karlukovo while you watch the beautiful landscape and sceneries as the train wheels in the town. This is a good option for tourists with weighty and big luggage to travel by when visiting the town. Since the town is bordered on all sides by land, travelling by boats or ferries directly into Karlukovo is not feasible.


With so many choice spots for lodging in Karlukovo, tourists and visitors will never have to break a sweat to find a perfect apartment to lodge during their short stay in the town. Karlukovo has got great hotel and lodge options for just about any class of traveller. From superbly styled suites with swimming pool and free Wi-Fi facilities to decently cheap rooms, this town has got something nice for everyone. 1. Guest House Misha 2.


Peppered by fine eateries and restaurants that offer a unique blend of both traditional and intercontinental dishes, Karlukovo takes all the points home when it has to do with good food. No matter how tightly fixed your itinerary may turn out to be, snip out time to pay any of the town's excellent restaurants and eateries a yummy visit. Fantastic spots like Dobrevski Restaurant with fresh foods and tantalizing menus, Restaurant Perla serving some of the finest delicacies in the town, Chuchi Guest House Restaurant and bar that offer the great wine choices for travellers from all walks of life, and many other fabulous options dotted in the town serving delicious local foods. You just can?t afford to miss this experience.


Karlukovo is a safe town for enthusiastic visitors and tourist that come into the town. Local police officers vigilantly patrol the town to keep it as safe as it can get. Notwithstanding, tourists are still advised against showing off valuable properties unnecessarily or taking out huge amount of money in public to avoid attracting petty criminals. Be smart, alert, use your personal security tips and there?s nothing else to worry about.

Getting Around

Karlukovo offers travellers and visitors many different options of getting from one place to another town for them to choose from. With so many picturesque views scattered along the layout of this small town, walking on foot may be the best way to explore Karlukovo. Walking gives you so much freedom to explore the marvels of the town at your desired pace without rush. If walking gets tiresome, then you can choose between riding a bicycle or renting a car to cover more grounds with the same amount of freedom that walking gives while reserving energy. The town operates a well-organised transport service and has a good road network. You are sure to find decent buses and taxis that run through the streets to take you to just about anywhere in Karlukovo. Buses and taxis are reliable. The transport fares are affordable and depend on the distance that the driver will go. It is advisable to discuss the price for each trip with the driver before getting on board.

Top Attractions

Not lacking amazingly cool sites for tourists to feed on, Karlukovo has just enough sites to keep its visitor occupied for as long as their stay in the town will last. It?s hard to say which is top since there are so many attractions and different tourists have their unique taste. But here is a list of fantastic sites that are anonymously accepted to be top attractions in Karlukovo, but of course, they?re not limited to just this few. 1. Galabarnika 2. Provertenika 3. Prohodna 4. Riverside Landscape Park 5. Iskar-Panega Ecopath 6. Chervenitsa 7. Strupanitsa 8. The Svirchovitsa Cave

Being Local

A few Karlukovo locals are a bit fluent in the English language which is good news for English tourists swarming into the town who may be able to spot the locals who can understand the English language. Locals are known to be lively and vibrant, and like most visited tourist destinations; locals are friendly with tourists and foreigners and will offer help and assistance with direction or in other ways if they can once you approach them.