Lock your gaze on the dazzling white waters of the Black sea as you stretch on the seacoast, enjoying every bit of this small city spotted on the Black Sea coast. Welcome to Balchik, the amazing city built on the Black Sea coast, surrounded by a thousand dazzling sights, gardens, beaches. Balchik is simply a beautiful piece of paradise in Bulgaria. This is the city where you breathe in the fresh air of the sea and soak in the charming sceneries the city has to offer.
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Best Things To Do In Balchik

Main Things You Need To Know About Balchik


Balchik has a temperate weather condition, with mild falls and springs, cold winters, and warm and breezy summers. Balchik spring begins in March and runs till May; summer starts in June and lingers till August. Fall lasts from September to November, and winter takes the remaining parts of the year from December to February. The best time to visit Balchik seems to be in the month of July and August when the weather is usually at its best. But since the city does not suffer extreme weather conditions during the year, every month is simply a good month to visit this lovely city.

Travelling Here

The only airbase in Balchik only provides a parking space for aircrafts, meaning there are no full time and running flights directly into the city. However, tourists can fly direct to Sofia, Bulgaria?s capital, and then journey on to Balchik with buses or taxis from Sofia. Varna, a neighbouring city to Balchik, presents an alternative to Sofia. Travellers can fly into Varna where they will find comfortable buses and shuttles to the beautiful city of Balchik. Getting here is mostly done by road travels from the neighbouring cities around Balchik. There are fine taxis, shuttles, and buses that can get you from any close city to Balchik at fair prices. Every day, buses and shuttles leave the stations of nearby cities straight into Balchik, bringing enthusiastic tourists into the city. There are good roads that connect major cities in the country to Balchik making it possible to enter the town by road travels.


Once in Balchik, finding a decent and comfortable place to lodge during your visit will certainly not be a problem to bother about. Balchik has great lodging options with decent rooms and good space. Luxurious and exquisite options which afford tourist maximum comfort and coziness or cheaper options, whichever way you want it, Balchik is up to the task. Among Balchik cosy lodging options are the following great hotels. 1. Selena Hotel 2. Regina Maria Spa Design Hotel 3. Mistral Hotel 4. Sandy Beach Hotel 5. Helios Hotel 6. Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort 7. Naslada Hotel 8. Paris Hotel 9. Lotos Hotel 10. Bisser Hotel


When it comes to serving good foods, Balchik gets it all right all the time! The city is famed for its excellent cuisine and taste for wine. For a city that lays next to the Black Sea, their restaurants have delicious seafood options on their menu. Not only do they offer good foods, but they've also served some of the best wines in the world. Some of the best restaurants in the city that keep you coming back for more include the following sublime restaurants and eateries: 1. Hotel Antik 2. Veroni 3. Restaurant Krasina 4. Oasis Hotel 5. El Simpatico 6. Bisser Hotel 7. Hotel Iceberg 8. Lighthouse Apartments and Villas 9. Sunrise Suite 10. White Rock Castle Suite Hotel


Tourist sites within and around Europe have a good reputation for being safe for travellers and visitors. Although there are a few records of minor crimes within the city, Balchik is still regarded as a safe tourist destination. There are vigilant policemen all over the city committed to maintaining law and order. So once upon Balchik, be sure to keep a close watch at your possessions and avoid any action that may tend to make you a target, like holding out a huge amount of money in public or moving with expensive valuables or so much cash.

Getting Around

Taxis, buses, and shuttles remain the major means of getting around and touring the city for its beautiful sceneries. Buses are cheaper, faster, and a more reliable taxis. Although they may be considered the best mode of getting around in Balchik, they sometimes get held up in a traffic jam. Talking a walk through the beautiful city is one great idea that allows you so much freedom. You can pause, take pictures to immortalize the moment, run, sit, and do almost anything you want to with ease. Or you could rent a bicycle from any rental shop and cover more grounds at your pace. Some will agree that this is just the best option. Bicycles don?t get hooked up during heavy traffic, and there is always a way with these bicycles to allow you discover more of Balchik.

Top Attractions

There’s never a dull moment in Balchik because there are just so many fabulous sites to behold everywhere. So once in Balchik, don?t be in hurry to leave, slow down the pace for a fantastic tour around the beautiful city and discover why Balchik is known as one of Bulgaria?s finest cities. The following are arguably the best must-sees in Balchik: 1. Aquamania 2. Baltata 3. Experience Bulgaria 4. Sea View Panorama 5. Art Gallery 6. Botanic Garden 7. Balchik Palace 8. Central beach 9. Ethnographic Museum 10. Argata Beach

Being Local

Balchik locals happen to be quite friendly especially to visitors in their area. The locals will be glad to take you round and show you some of the marvels in the city. When in Rome, act like a Roman; when in Balchik, act like a local. Go shopping, wander through its streets, and greet passersby with a couple of Bulgarian words with that distinct and unique accent. Steep in Balchik fantastic buzzling nightlife at the sea coast during your brief stay, and you'll find no need to regret it as promises to be unforgettable.