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Discover Quito

By : Moisés Vivas

Discover Quito

What comes to your mind when you think of Quito; rugged mountains, lush vegetation, tempting sceneriesrich heritage, and colourful culture? If so, then you’re absolutely right. Standing some 2800 meters above sea level, Quito is not just the proud capital of the beautiful country of Ecuador, but also geographically the highest capital in the world, making it an envied tourist destination among other tourist spots.

The beautiful city enjoys both summer and winter and is characterised by a loveable weather all year round with slight variations through the year. And of course, you will find one of the finest tastes in all of South America right here! From sumptuous traditional foods to delectable seafood with great tastes, to signature wines, Quito got it all.


Quito Marvels all in One Pass

Quito’s marvels lie in almost every corner of the streets. But of course, there are some spots are just a must to visit. Getting a Bucket Pass allows you the opportunity to visit all of these superb spots all in one pass. Valid for up to 6 months, the bucket pass grants admittance to some of the top attractions in the city. It includes well thought out itineraries that are tailored according to your preferences and experienced tour guides to make the vacation a pleasurable and an unforgettable experience. The plans are flexible to ensure you move at your desired pace. Here’s a look at some of the fantastic place our bucket pass allows you to explore.


Ciudad Mitad del Mundo

How about standing on the middle of Earth with one foot in one of the hemisphere and the second foot on the other hemisphere? Yea, that sounds more like it, right? Standing 30 metres into the sky on the Middle of the World Monument here in Quito gives you the most awesome 360 view that will take your breath away. And this spot ranks as one of the best things you definitely got to experience before leaving Quito. It’s not just the Middle of the World Monument that pulls the highest number of tourists to this spot. You get to enjoy a live performance of traditional music and dances and learn a step or two from the artists first hand. That’s not all; with a Quito Bucket Pass at hand you also have access to the prestigious Ethnographic Museum Middle of the Earth, which holds the entire history and story of the Ecuadoreans; along with other museums around and you’ll enjoy an informative and pleasurable trip to and fro these spots, with a full guided tour at your own preferred pace.


Guayasamín’s Capilla del Hombre

A tribute to humankind and often regarded as the most iconic and important museum in all of Ecuador, Capilla del Hombre is home to some of the best works and collections of the renowned Ecuadorean painter and sculptor - Oswaldo Guayasamín. The museum holds archaeological artefacts, awesome paintings, and many other artworks that tell the story of the suffering of South Americans and a hope for better days. The Quito Bucket Pass not only allows you into this museum but also grants you access to every room in the house where this master painter and sculptor once lived and made some of his greatest works. Free tours in Spanish, English, and even French are available to everyone with the pass.


La Compañía Church

This, La Compañía Church, is one of the most important baroque edifices in all of South America. Gold, silver, bronze, ornamental stones and precious woods are all featured in this one architectural masterpiece. Started in 1605 and completed in 1765, it took an impressive 160 years to get Spanish baroque architects to actually complete this chef-d'oeuvre. The altar, which is where the ex-president of Ecuador, Gabriel García Moreno, and the famous Saint Mariana de Jesus were buried, took 20 years to complete. This isn’t just a building or a church; it’s an icon of Ecuador’s history and rich culture. Its beauty is legendary. A Quito Bucket Pass will grant you a well detailed and guided tour in either Spanish or English languages in and around this beautiful attraction.


Quito City Tour

On board a 1914 Original trolley that served thousands of locals at the time in Quito, you will be able to appreciate incredible views of the top’s city spots. With visits to La Mariscal, La Basílica, Plaza Grande, San Francisco and El Panecillo, on this cultural city tour, you will get to know by closer to Quito’s culture and history. Enjoy the marvels of the city while you’re going around the largest, least-altered, and best-preserved historic center of a city in the Americas.



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