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Brazil is Your Perfect Vacation Destination

By : Admin

Brazil is Your Perfect Vacation Destination

By land size and population, the beautiful country of Brazil is the largest country in South America. Contained in this big gorgeous country are some of the most stunning beaches, cosmopolitan cities that are bustling with attractions and culture, lush rainforests including the Amazon, some of the most exquisite exotic food found anywhere, and of course the beautiful Brazilian people.

This unique country of more than 207 million is the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world and is renowned for its beauty, mystery, and heat, which enchants millions of visitors every year.

There is so much to see and do here that any trip requires at least two week-long stay in the country. And if you only see a part of the country you can easily walk away thinking you saw Brazil when you actually missed something that gives you its full flavor.


The Best City to Visit in Brazil - Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and some say the beating heart of the country. The city is internationally loved for its vibrancy, beautiful people, hot salsa dancing, and abundance of breathtaking scenery.

ThroughoutRioyou will find some of the most well-designed buildings and other architecture that dates back centuries. There are museums and art galleries featuring historical and modern tastes of the past and present culture. The city bursts with restaurants and cafes that fill nearly every street offering inviting local drinks and delicious dishes from the Brazilian heartland and the neighboring sea.


What to See in Rio

Yes, Rio is a coastal city and boasts long beautiful coastlines featuring some of the world’s most famous beaches. People flock here to frolic on the white sand of beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana, and a dozen others.

Ipanema offers a high-end slice of beach life. There is a beautiful promenade that is perfect for strolling along and people watching. It is filled with skateboarders and rollerbladers that leads directly to the famous beach and its neighbor Leblon Beach. Behind the beaches, there are shops by every local and international high-end designer filled with tourists.


Christ the Redeemer Statue

Located on Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. The Christ Redeemer statue stands 30metres(98ˇfeet) tall, excluding its 8-meter (26ˇfeet) pedestal. The arms stretch 28metres(92 feet) wide. It is one of the most visited places in Rio welcoming people of all faiths with its open arms.


Sugar Loaf Mountain

While you are in the city you should also take the Sugar Loaf City Tour which includes the cable car to Sugar Loaf Mountain, which at 306 meters high, offers panoramic views of Rio. Sugar Loaf sits adjacent to a beautiful lagoon and provides a spectacular bookend to the statue of Christ the Redeemer. The cable car here opened in 1912 and still runs mornings and afternoons, every day. There are two stages and the each offers a different spectacular view.


The Selaron Steps

Jorge Selaron a Chilean artist moved to Rio in 1983 and created an art exhibit using a walkway that contained 200 steps. He covered the steps with brightly colored tiles many of which feature famous characters from history, films, television, and music. The Selaron Steps have become a cultural attraction in Rio and tourists come by the thousands to see this amazing street art. It is a perfect opportunity to take pictures and be amazed by the beauty and workmanship.


Go to Carnival

Of course one of the best reasons to come to Rio is to experience its national treasure, Carnival. Carnival is by far the most popular event of the year in Brazil and represents a last chance to party and overindulge before the fasting period of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

There are Carnival festivals all over the country where lavish costumes, music, beautiful women, and dancing happens through the streets. The most elaborate celebrations take place in Rio along Copacabana Beach. Hundreds of thousands participate either as part of the festival or along the route dancing and enjoying the fun. Here, parades and pageants start on Saturday and carry on for the four days of the festival.

On Sunday, is the most famous parade when all of the country’s top samba schools compete in the Sambadrome. The competition is fierce with each school having as many as three thousand participants all gyrating to the non-stop beat. The event draws more than one million spectators and ends with an all-night party.



No trip to Brazil would be complete without involving its national past time Football. Brazil is internationally recognized as the football capital of the world and the number one stadium for football in Brazil is Rio’s Maracana Stadium. It has been completely modernized and its design ensures that there are no bad seats. Football is played here nearly year round so are sure to catch a game when you are in town.


Dance Samba

Samba is the hot Latin dance that originated in and is still extremely popular in Rio. The Lupa neighborhood in Rio has been transformed into the hottest area for Samba dancing in the city. At the main square called Largo da Lapa, nearly every night of the week tens of thousands of partygoers fill the clubs. The hottest ones include Levanio Rio Scenarium, Carioca daandGema. The dancing happens all night long and even if you are just a beginner, you might just fall in love with Samba.


Try a Brazilian Meal

One favorite food in Brazil that can be found all over the city are meat skewers filled with grilled meat and seafood. The places serving this type of delicacy are called Churrascarias. There is a debate about which Churrascarias in the city is best so we will let you decide, but wherever you go you can count on the meat and seafood grilled to perfection and accompanied by spices and cheese. When it all comes together you have a truly Brazilian feast.


Just Outside the City

For a visit to a uniquely Brazilian cultural attraction, try the Museum of Contemporary Art located in Niteroi which sits just across the harbor from Rio. This day-long trip will give you access to the famous lying saucer museum, which is built into a cliff and hangs over the beach below. The museum is a cultural mecca for art and sculpture owing to the wishes of its builder, legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer who created it in 1950.

Plan your trip during any time of year but between April to June, and August to October are peak tourist months and ofcurseCarnival is earlier in the year. Check on dates which vary annually. Have a great time in lovely Brazil!


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