Baku is one of the most beautiful world's cities. Located at the joint of Europe and Asia, Baku, interpreted as "wind blow", "city of winds", City on the hill" is not just the capital of Azerbaijan, it is the largest city in the Caucasus.  From its many architectural gem, iconic wonders, several art galleries and museums, to its cultural entertainment and attractions, Baku is truly an enchantment without mincing of words to both visitors and residents. Explore this world wonder city for a thrilling, unforgettable experience

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Best Things To Do In Baku

Main Things You Need To Know About Baku


Baku’s climate is typically made up of warm summers and mild winters. The summer period falls between June and September, while the winter season occurs from October with the wettest months being October to December. The peak winter season stretches from November to March. Snowfalls are usually experienced in January. The best period to travel here is from May to October. June is usually the busiest as most tourists troop in in their large numbers. Closely following June is the months of May and July. During these months, hotels and flights tend to be pricey.

Travelling Here

Most travellers or tourists coming to Baku and Azerbaijan as a whole come into the city through the Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD located in Baku and serves many airlines and several destinations. Major Airlines include Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, British Airlines, Qatar Airways, Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL), Aeroflot and other smaller airlines. There are direct flights into City from the UK, Tehran, the US, Russia, Dubai, Trabzon Israel, New Zealand, through Heydar Aliyev International Airport. There are also direct buses to convey you into Baku from neighbouring countries of Georgia, Turkey, Iran, and Russia. There are also Minibuses between Baku, Sheki, and Lankaran. Tourists can also enter into Baku through train that connects the country with Russia and Georgia. There’s also an overnight train linking Tbilisi, Georgia, and Baku. The train which usually cost 26AZN heads out from Baku at 20:00 daily.


Typical of a famous tourist destination, Baku has several hotel and lodging options for travelers and tourists. From extravagantly expensive lodging options with 5-star services to moderately rated accommodations, and decently cheap options, Baku has some good hotels for every class of tourists. Among Baku’s top luxurious hotel options are the following. 1. Boulevard Hotel Baku autograph collection 2. Excelsior Hotel And Spa Baku 3. Hilton Baku 4. Seaport Hotel 5. Four Seasons Hotel Baku 6. Sheraton Baku Airport 7. JW Marriott Hotel Absheron Baku 8. Shah Palace Hotel 9. Ambassador Hotel 10. Nazli Bulaq Hotel


Local cuisine or dishes is a reflection of the Natural diversity of Baku and the country at large. Its cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. The majority of the dishes influence the utilisation of mutton, to beef and poultry alongside side with vegetables, herbs, and flavors. Most dishes are cooked in copper pots and container whose utilisation is currently lessening as the city is developing and towns are decreasing. After eating Baku's food or dishes, you will be enticed to return for another. Here is a list of some of the top restaurants in Baku. 1. Avaz Dining 2. Scalini Italian Restaurant 3. Paul's Steakhouse 4. Chinar 5. Sumakh 6. Maharaja restaurant 7. Pasifico lounge 8. Au79 cafe and Restaurant 9. Merci Baku


Baku is considered a safe city for everyone, be it tourists or Business travellers. It is a very beautiful place to stay, with records of low crime rate. Nevertheless, tourist should remain alert to be on a safe side. People of Baku are friendly, and tourists can always have a chat with them, even without the need to completely understand their language (AZERI). Don’t move around with valuable things unless when necessary as this may not be healthy for safety.

Getting Around

There are several means of transportation to get tourist or travelers around Baku. But if you are concerned about comfort and safety, your options may be limited. For long distance travel, taxis are the best, because they're cheap, reliable and comfortable. You can as well rent a car from car renting companies like Avis, Hertz, etc. There are also metros and buses to take you around the city. But one best way to cover the city is by walking around or on bike as you have options to explore just anything you desire, while also communicating with passersby.

Top Attractions

There’s so much beauty to behold in the city of Baku. From the City Boulevard called the Seaside National Park, from where you can have a beautiful view of Caspian sea, to the Heydar Aliyev Center which houses art galleries, concert and library halls, restaurant and conference hall; Baku has captivating and intriguing sites to explore. Some other attractions of this city include: 1. Palace of Happiness 2. Ateshgah Temple (Zoroastrian Fire Temple) 3. Zorge park 4. Mini-Venice 5. National Museum 6. Fountain Square 7. Yay Gallery 8. Gobustan National Park 9. Old city 10. Yanar Dag 11. Baku Museum of Modern art 12. Lake Bayukshar

Being Local

In Baku food is one of the bedrock of their culture and is deeply rooted in their history, traditions, and values. Pilaf or plov as it is called in Azeri is a dish of the country's Persian past. There's 50 type of Plov in Baku. It usually consists of three main ingredients, rice, gara, and Herbs. To round up a great experience in Baku as a tourist, it will be of great importance to learn how to cook their food and as well learn to speak a little of their language Ariz.

Travelling In Baku

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