Welcome to Azerbaijan - the country where the east meets the west! Geographically and strategically located between Europe and Asia, this country is a perfect mix of rich natural resources, unmatched culture, fine cuisine, ancient history, traditions, and civilisations.  Also known as the "Land of Fire” due to the predominant worship of fire before the Common Era, this country of Caucasian hospitality and friendliness boasts of startling historical and cultural legacy with over 7500 monuments of natural, archeological, historical and architectural reflections. Its natural scenery is a never-ending wonder that lives tourists with the taste of wanting to go back. Azerbaijan’s largest city and capital, Baku is a must visit for every tourist. Baku is an enchanting place for both visitors and residents, owing to its iconic wonders, cultural entertainment options, museums and private exhibition; it’s a sure place to begin your tour for a thrilling, unforgettable experience. 

Best Cities To Visit In Azerbaijan

Main Things You Need To Know

Unique Antiquity

In a cave located in Azokh, Azerbaijan, a group of archaeologists recently found some tools dating 1.5 million years ago.

Always Tea

There is no social occasion in Azerbaijan without a delicious cup of tea flavored with thyme, lemon, mint or rosewater.

Fruity Incomes

Azerbaijan has many exporting products including oil, cotton and livestock; but it is mainly supported by grapes.

Musical Sports

Their National Sport is called Chovkan. It is basically like Polo, but the game is accompanied by music & the players wear traditional costumes.

Best Things To Do In Azerbaijan

Main Things You Need To Know About Azerbaijan

The official currency of Azerbaijan is New Azerbaijani manat (Yeni Manat) with the currency code AZN. 1 USD is equivalent to 1.69Azerbaijani Manat.  Kindly note that it is strictly forbidden to import and export manat.
Many languages are native to the territory of Azerbaijan, but Azerbaijani also known as Azeri is the official language as well as the means of communication throughout the Republic. About 92.5% of the country’s population speak and understand Azeri. Other minor languages are Lezgian, Talysh, Avar, Budukh, Juhuri, Kryts, Khinalug, Rutul, Cek, Tsakhur, Tat, and Udi. Tourists entering Azerbaijan will need the service of a local guide for effective communication with the locals. But there is nothing to worry about; there are great local guides scattered all over that are willing to assist you.
Visa Information
If you wish to get into Azerbaijan for tourism purpose, you may a need a visa depending on your nationality.  Nationals of the following countries can come and stay in Azerbaijan for 90 days without a visa: Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Nationals from Turkey and Iran are allowed entry into the country without a visa for a period of 15 and 30 days respectively.  Other foreign tourist must get a visa before entry into Azerbaijan through the following steps:
1. Apply on
2. Fill in your passport information, personal information and purposed date of arrival to the website and pay $20 online
3. E-visas are sent to your email within three working
Having gone through the above steps, it is required of you to print the e-visa and present it with your passport (which should have at least 3 months validity than the e-visa's) at the border checkpoint. It should be noted however that e-visa is available for citizens from 93 countries like USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, United Kingdom, etc. If you intend staying in Azerbaijan for at least 30 days, you are expected to register with the local police within three days of your arrival.
Azerbaijan PLANE, BUS, CAR
Getting There
Azerbaijan has three major airports running international flights, but the main gateway to Azerbaijan is Heydar Aliyev International Airport located in Baku, serving 8 airlines and over 30 destinations. The other international airports are Nakhichevan Airport, and Ganja International Airport. There are direct flights into the ancient country from the UK, the US, Russia, Dubai, Israel, New Zealand, through Heydar Aliyev International Airport. Getting around Azerbaijan can be easily done through any of the domestic flights that serve the country.
Tourists can also enter into Azerbaijan through train that connects the country with Russia and Georgia. There’s also an overnight train linking Tbilisi, Georgia, and Baku. The train which usually cost 26AZN heads out of Azerbaijan every night from Baku at 20:00.
Tourists can also enter Azerbaijan through international buses that ply the country from the neighbouring countries of Georgia, Turkey, Iran, and Russia. A minibus also runs from Georgia borders at Krazny Most (Red Bridge) and costs 10AZN. The minibus can be picked on either side of the border.  Also, there’s a direct bus between Baku and Tbilisi with the option of unique and beautiful stops along the way via ?smayıllı, O?uz, ??ki, and Zaqatala.
It is worthy to note that driving in Azerbaijan can be a very scary experience as virtually all drivers pay little or no attention to road signs. So, it might be better to use the railway.
Getting around Azerbaijan is quite easy for tourists as there are buses, minibuses, and taxis plying the country on a daily basis. While the fare for buses and minibuses may be fixed but the taxis require you to use your negotiating skills. 
There is no convenient access for tourists by sea into Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
The best time to visit Azerbaijan is between April to June and from September to October as this will all allow you to avoid the extreme heat that occurs between July and August and also the wet season between December and March.   Azerbaijan records its peak number of tourists between April and June, and September and October. There is usually a heavy crowd of tourists during this period, with accommodation and other amenity rates on the hike. However, booking your tour outside the best period has advantages of less price and less rowdy visitors. Although there may be high amount of rainfall during this period, the cost of the accommodation and other rates are always low with low influx of tourist too.

Travelling In Azerbaijan

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