Buenos Aires

 Feel the Good Winds.
Buenos Aires, translated to mean "good winds” is not just the capital of Argentina but also home to romance, culture, and a rich heritage. The city bursts with life and energy and is beautifully dotted with fabulous restaurants, exotic hotels, and over a dozen other natural and man-made attractions. Beautiful architectural and historical structures, wine, and of course, the sensuous tango dance all combine to make Buenos Aires unquestionably the most visited places and is just one of those must-visit tourist destinations.
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Best Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Main Things You Need To Know About Buenos Aires


With an average wind speed of 5 km/h, a humidity of 34% on the average, visibility level of 15km, Buenos Aires generally has a perfectly mild weather that encourages touristic visits all year round. Buenos Aires experiences three seasons each, winter, spring, and summer. Winter’s cold is felt in the months of May to August and is usually a fine time to make your visit to the Good Winds. Summer comes in hot with temperature reaching up to 28C in the months of December to February. Springtime in Buenos Aires falls within the months of September and November. Spring is perhaps the best time to visit the “Good Winds”. On the whole, Argentina has a fine weather all year round.

Travelling Here

Buenos Aires is the most preferred gateway into Argentina, welcoming thousands of foreigners yearly. Buenos Aires has several domestic airports that receive flights from neighboring cities and countries. The most preferred of these domestic airports is the Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport but international flights coming in from other countries fly into Buenos Aires more often than not through Ezeiza International Airport. From Asia, America, Europe, and Africa, there are direct flights into Buenos Aires touching down at Ezeiza International Airport. One can also get to Buenos Aires from other cities in Argentina by bus. The prices are moderate depending on your start location and are fairly constant when you travel by bus. It is also possible to enter the Argentine capital directly from Chile by bus.


Finding a good place to lodge in Buenos Aires should be your least worry. There are so many stylish hotels and superb guesthouse scattered all over the city. Four Seasons Hotel with 27 suites and 138 superbly styled rooms, Alvear Art hotel with 197 suites and rooms designed to details; Home hotel opened in 2005 with a beautiful garden, and swimming pool, and Faena hotel boasting of 108 rooms and 7 floors are just a little fraction of Buenos Aires best hotels. Or would you rather have something smaller like the five-roomed guesthouse of The Cocker, or something not too small or too big like Nuss hotel, Buenos Aires has it all.


When it has to do with good food, Buenos Aires gets it all right all the time! The capital is renowned for its excellent taste and for producing some of the finest wines in the world. Not only do they offer good locals, but they’ve also got great deals from Asia and the Middle East. Some of the best restaurants in the city include Tantalizing dishes. Sublime tastes at Mi Coleccion De Vinos, or mouth-watering delicacies at Gran Dabbang, El Obrero, Aramburu bis, El Pobre Luis, Omakase, Salvaje Bakery, and many other great restaurants in Buenos Aires.


No society has a zero crime rate; so don’t except that from Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is no more or less dangerous than any other major city in the world. Although not quite often, phone snatching, pick-pocketing, and petty theft are still recorded within the capital. However, the capital is well patrolled by dutiful policemen who do their best to retain order in the streets. But you’ve got to stay faithful to a few safety tips like avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself with expensive accessories and valuables, taking out your wallet in open and rowdy areas.

Getting Around

Navigate your way around the city by using the country’s endorsed website that allows you to enter your location and your destination. Once you’ve entered the required information, it will show you the various alternatives you’ve got and where to pick your best. The metro subway, known as the subte, is the fastest and cheapest way to shuttle Buenos Aires. Once in Buenos Aires, you can get around the city to your favorite tourist spot by train. There are a number of train services that serve the city and even extending to other cities. Train fares are comfortably cheaper than other means of transportation within the city. Traffic get really hooked-up during the festive periods when you move by land, either bus or car. Taxis swarm the city taking passengers to and fro every nook and cranny of Buenos Aires. There are also “8 buses” that return directly to the Ezeiza International Airport when you wish to return to the airport, or Manuel “Tienda León” when you wish to return to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery. Or choose to absorb the dazzling sights of the magical landscape of the city cycling. Hiring a bike allows you to enjoy amazing sights on your own and stop to stare when you feel you can’t get just enough. And this is not all. How about exploring the sea within cracks of the delta of the Río de la Plata?

Top Attractions

The Argentine capital is really huge; boasting as the second largest in the continent, it’s no surprise that it has several fabulous lures within it. Some of the top attractions include: 1. Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada 2. The Recoleta Cemetery and Museums 3. La Boca 4. Plaza Dorrego 5. El Obelisco 6. Museo Nacional de Belles Artes 7. Buenos Aires Cabildo 8. Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (MALBA) 9. Puerto Madero 10. Palermo

Being Local

As the saying goes, when in Rome act like a Roman. Once in Buenos Aires, slice out time to visit shops, explore local markets, grab a bite in a local restaurant, wander through its streets, and greet passersby with a couple of Latin words with that distinct and unique Italian accent. And about being a local -don’t forget to learn and try out the tango dance. Engross yourself in Buenos Aires fantastic life during your brief stay, and it promises to be unforgettable.

Travelling In Buenos Aires

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